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17 Fun Facts About Pigs

Pigs are more than just sources of bacon!  If anything, they are some of the most interesting animals we share the planet with. More than just swill-guzzling pink porcines, these grunting geniuses may well surprise you.  Here are 17 fun facts about pigs which you may not be aware of…

  1. ‘Pigging out’ and ‘eating like a pig’ are misnomers. Pigs are actually very clean, slow-eating mammals.  They digest all the food they eat slowly and savour the taste!
  2. Pigs are some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Studies suggest that they are smarter than dogs, and even human toddlers.
  3. Pigs have been around since the age of the dinosaurs. Look up the ancient entelodont, and you will find a prehistoric pig-like species that grew to be seven feet tall – just at the shoulder!  They are presumed to have been incredible predators.  We wouldn’t have stood a chance!
  4. Pigs enjoy massages! This is to such an extent that pigs will often head off to find places to massage and scratch themselves.
  5. Pigs can understand individual voices of others in their litter, and piglets will learn the distinct tone of their mothers’ voices from an early age.

fun fact about Pigs

  1. While pigs may seem cute and cuddly, they can actually be fairly deadly. They carry a number of parasites and diseases which can be fatal to humans.  That’s one good reason why, even if clean, you should always cook pork to full temperature before eating.
  2. However, most pigs will not show aggression, only choosing to charge or attack if they believe that their young is being threatened.
  3. This goes against historical attempts to use pigs in times of warfare. However, their squeals were used to scare of larger animals, even if they posed zero physical threat.
  4. Did you know that pigs can swim?!  There’s some famous swimming pigs that take to the sea at Exuma, Bahamas!
  5. Pigs cannot sweat – therefore, another phrase, ‘sweating like a pig’, is another misnomer.
  1. Pigs have sixteen toes in total but will only ever walk on eight of them.
  2. There are thought to be around two billion pigs on the planet right now.
  3. The average pig is thought to have a memory so vast that it can recall events from its youth.
  4. You can teach a pig similar tricks to that which you can teach a dog. In fact, a pig may take to learning its own name quicker than a dog!
  5. Providing they are fully vaccinated; pigs can make fantastic pets. That’s because they don’t shed in the same way cats and dogs do.  What’s more, pigs are hairy, not furry – and therefore won’t cause any allergic reactions.
  6. The role of a pig is hugely important in our global ecosystem. That’s because they help to dig up and redistribute soil, and therefore giving plants new places to disperse and grow.
  7. You’ll likely find a pig on every single continent – except, of course, for Antarctica. The moment the lesser-spotted Antarctica pig is discovered, we’ll update this list!

Do you have any interesting or fun facts about pigs that we’ve missed?  Share them here in the comments section below!

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