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17 Vibrant Facts about Venezuela

Venezuela, one of the northernmost countries in the continent of South America, is one of the most fascinating territories you’ll ever hope to learn about. While the country may have had its troubles in recent times, it’s come under the microscope many times for fact finders and pub quiz fans. So, before you ace that geography quiz, here’s a stack of fascinating facts about Venezuela well worth knowing.

1. Where exactly is Venezuela, anyway?

Venezuela is found towards the Caribbean with a coastline – it has a total area measuring more than 352,000 square miles, which is roughly 912,000 square km.

2. It’s got lots of different neighbors.

Venezuela is bordered by Colombia, Guyana and Brazil – lots of opportunities to travel, then!

3. It’s home for millions of people.

Around 28 million people call Venezuela home, with Caracas – the capital city – hosting at least two million of these. Caracas is enormous at around 167 square miles, or an equivalent of 433 square km.

Flag of Venezuela
Flag of Venezuela

4. Venezuelans can generally expect to live into their 70s.

The lifespan here averages at around 72 years old.

5. What can you spend over in Venezuela?

If you want to start spending in Venezuela, you’ll need to have a few Venezuelan Bolivar in your pocket.

6. The country is very big on oil.

Venezuela is a massive oil reserve. It’s said to account for just over 15% of all oil reserves globally, second only to Saudi Arabia. At the time of writing, Venezuela has around 211 billion barrels.

7. The waterfalls here are magnificent.

Angel Falls is perhaps Venezuela’s most famous point of natural beauty. It’s the biggest natural water cascade in the world, measuring an impressive 979m.

8. What’s the connection with Italy, then?

Venezuela roughly translates as ‘Little Venice’. That’s because the properties here are similar to those you’ll find over in Venice, Italy – houses on stilts!

9. Beauty all around!

More women have won Miss World and Miss Universe representing Venezuela than any other country on the planet.

Miss Venezuela

10. Get your skates on!

Caracas has a slightly odd Christmas tradition. On Christmas Day, you won’t find any cars on the roads – encouraging citizens, instead, to roller skate to mass – there are fewer interesting ways to get to church!

11. Hopefully this won’t nibble your cables!

Venezuela is home to the biggest rodent on the planet – the capybara.

12. It’s a wildlife haven bar none.

Thanks to Venezuela’s stunning savannah landscape, you’ll find waves of endemic wildlife here. In fact, up to 50% of all amphibians in the country are endemic to Venezuela! It’s known as a ‘megadiverse’ country, in that it’s one of 17 territories with more unique species than anywhere else.

capybara in Venezuela

13. Stay safe on the roads.

Unfortunately, Venezuela is one of the deadliest places to travel by car on the planet – it’s in the five most dangerous countries on Earth.

14. Its history is long and varied.

Venezuela has been an independent nation for much longer than many people are aware of – in fact, it was liberated over 200 years ago!

15. A haven for… dinosaurs?

Believe it or not, Venezuela’s stunning Mount Roraima helped to inspire The Lost World, one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s best-loved novels. There’s no dinosaurs here – but there’s plenty of dragonflies and spiders!

Mount Roraima in Venezuela

16. Flat tops and peaks!

Venezuela is famous for having several table mountains, meaning that they have several natural peaks that don’t actually peak! These are technically known as tepuis, and you’ll find several over in the world-famous Canaima National Park.

17. Strike!

Lago de Maracaibo, in Venezuela, is officially the world’s capital for lightning storms. Specifically, you’ll find more lightning strikes here than anywhere else on the planet. That accounts for up to 1.6 million per year!

tepui at Canaima National Park

FAQs about Venezuela

What is Venezuela famous for?

Venezuela is known for its rich history and vibrant culture! It also has the largest oil reserve in the world. It used to be known for primarily exporting coffee and cocoa.

What is the climate in Venezuela?

Venezuela has a tropical climate, with primarily hot and humid days! The average temperature in the country is between 24º Celsius (75.2º Fahrenheit) and 27º Celsius (80.6º Fahrenheit). So, if you’re looking for a pleasantly cozy vacation, Venezuela could be the place to go!

Is Venezuela poor or rich?

Sadly, it’s thought that Venezuela suffers from a large poverty line - with more than three quarters of the population living on less than $2 each day.

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