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16 Terrific Facts About Tigers

Tigers are viewed as some of the most ferocious, and yet majestic creatures on this planet. How well do you actually know this exotic animal? Here are some fun facts about tigers to test your knowledge!

1. Tigers are massive!

Tigers are the largest of the wildcats, and males can weigh up to 300 kilograms.

2. They are nocturnal hunters.

They prefer engaging in most of their hunting activities at night as opposed to the day.

3. Tiger births are critical situations.

Tiger cubs are born blind, and unfortunately, only around half of them survive. When they are born blind, they are only able to follow the scent of their mother. Since most of them cannot keep up, they often die due to the cold and hunger. Male tigers sometimes even eat them, to make the tigress available for mating.

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4. Tigers live longer than you might expect.

20-25 years is the life expectancy of tigers.

5. There’s a collective noun for a group of tigers.

Ambush or streak is the name given to a group of tigers.

6. Tigers aren’t fussy about breeding.

Surprisingly, tigers are able to mate with other big cats. For example, a male tiger might mate with a female lion, which gives birth to what is known as a “Tigon”.

7. Tigers are naturally anti-infectious!

The saliva of a tiger is antiseptic, which the tigers used to lick a wounded area to prevent infection.

8. Tigers can gorge, and can persist without food.

Tigers are able to eat up to 75 lbs of food in one sitting. Interestingly, they can also go for 2 weeks without food.

9. Tiger stripes go through to the skin.

Although you may have known that tigers have stripes, you may not know that these unique patterns of stripes can also be seen in their skin (if you happen to shave off their fur, you will be able to see them).

facts about tigers

10. Tigers are natural mimics.

Tigers are able to imitate the call of other animals (e.g. sambar), which can be used to ambush and kill prey.

11. Tigers are popular symbols.

The national animal of India and Bangladesh is the Bengal tiger.

12. The tiger population is dying out.

Tigers are severely endangered.  According to the WWF, there are only a few thousand living in the wild.

13. Tigers are like house-cats in many ways!

Although there is debate whether tigers can purr or not, it has been proven otherwise many times.

Tiger Facts

14. Tigers are not picky eaters.

Tigers have a diverse diet and can kill and eat anything from a wild boar to a crocodile (pretty much anything that comes its way)!

15. Tigers are cats that LOVE water.

Tigers, unlike domestic cats, love playing and spending time in the water. They have been observed to swim for hours on end, and even have the ability to kill in the water.

16. NEVER sneak up on a tiger!

It is believed that a punch from a tiger is enough to kill you (or at least break one’s bones).

FAQs about Tigers

Are tigers stronger than wolves?

Yes - by quite a lot! The average tiger is much heavier, bigger, and will have much more muscle than your average wolf.

Do tigers eat humans?

It’s actually pretty rare - Bengal tigers, in particular, won’t eat you unless there’s a real problem - they normally turn tail and run.

Are tigers smart creatures?

Yes, tigers are generally pretty smart - they have large brains, and fantastic memories, almost comparable to humans’.

Do you know any fun facts about tigers?  Share them in the comments below!

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