interesting facts about pink floyd

16 Little Known Facts about Pink Floyd

Everyone knows Pink Floyd. If you don’t know their music, you have, at the very least, heard of them. After all, they are one of the most successful bands in the world. Despite changing their lineup and sound on numerous occasions, they have endured. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about Pink Floyd, the following facts might surprise you:

The band

  1. The band was originally called ‘The Pink Floyd Sound’.
  2. Syd Barrett, the original frontman, took the name from Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, a pair of blues artists whose music he loved.
  3. Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright met in 1963. They were architectural students at London Polytechnic.
  4. Syd Barrett was two years younger than his bandmates. An art student at the time, Syd and Waters were childhood friends. Syd had other musical projects he was pursuing but he abandoned them to become the band’s frontman after he reconnected with Waters.
  5. Their first single was ‘Arnold Layne’ in 1967. They were signed by EMI a month after recording it.

interesting facts about Pink Floyd

  1. Their first album was ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’. They recorded it in 1967 at Abbey Road. This is significant because, at the same time, directly adjacent to them, The Beatles were recording Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  2. Nick Mason is the longest-running member of the band. This is despite the fact that his vocals have only appeared on one song (One of These Days).
  3. Another Brick In The Wall Part II is the only song from the band to ever top the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. This is despite the fact that Pink Floyd has experienced record-breaking chart success, especially with ‘The Dark Side of the Moon‘.
  4. They garnered a reputation for organising concerts that were akin to multimedia events, incorporating visual effects into every performance.
  5. Because of how far they would go to execute their live productions and because of the risk associated with all their pyrotechnics, the band was banned from some venues.
  6. Syd Barrett left the band in 1968. Plagued by the consequences of his heavy use of LSD, he distanced himself from the band. Syd wrote most of the songs on the first album. Once he became too unreliable to benefit the band, David Gilmour was brought on to replace him. Waters became the frontman.


  1. In 1968, Pink Floyd headlined the first-ever live concert at Hyde Park in London.
  2. Using the Azimuth Coordinator Quadraphonic Sound System, Pink Floyd became the first rock band to pioneer live surround sound.
  3. The Dark Side of the Moon is not only the Billboard 200’s longest-running LP but also the 4th best-selling album in history.
  4. Russian cosmonauts took Delicate Sound of Thunder, Pink Floyd’s 1988 Live Album, with them on the 1989 Soyuz TM-7 mission, making it the first rock record to be played in space.
  5. Their classic album covers started appearing on Royal Mail Postage stamps in 2010. This was a commemoration of their legacy.

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