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13 Proud Facts About Peacocks

Known for their stunning green and blue tail feathers, peacocks are beautiful and well-loved birds.  Here’s a few fun facts about peacocks that you may not know…

1. The peacock is an Indian symbol.

The peacock has been the national bird of India since 1963.

2. It’s a gender-neutral name.

The term Peacock is usually referred to both sexes, however males are Peacocks and females ought to be referred to as Peahens.

3. Peacocks devour all kinds of things!

Peacocks are omnivores and eat both plants and animals, also they will eat insects, arthropods, amphibians and flowers.

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4. Peacock rituals are intense.

In peafowl society, there’s no such thing as an easy hook-up! Nothing happens without an elaborate ritual and fanfare. Peacocks are the shallowest of all male birds, they turn their back to the female, rustle their little white fluffy tail feathers and then they whip around and dazzle.

It’s the male Peacock who has the long elegant, somewhat flamboyant tail, but it’s really female choosiness that’s driven the evolution! Peafowl think the more impressive the tail, the better the genes they’ll pass on to their young.

5. Seriously – they have dance-offs.

Competition among males is fierce, as they go tail to tail in a mating dance-off. These male beauty pageants are make or break for auditioning wannabe fathers because in the bizarre world of animal courtship the stakes are high.

6. Peacocks don’t need much motherly support.

Peahens can lay between three to five eggs with the young hatching after 28 days. at a fully-developed state with the ability to walk, eat and drink without the assistance of their mother.

7. Peacock tails develop gradually.

A peacock’s tail feathers will fall out naturally as they mature. With the coming of age, the male’s tail will become fuller and more beautiful.

8. Brides and peacocks have something in common!

Just like with a bride’s wedding dress, the long back portion that trails is called a train.

9. Ever seen a peacock up a tree?

When peacocks feel they’re in danger, they’ll fly up and hide in trees.  They spend the night roosting trees for this very same reason, to stay clear of predators!

Facts about Peacocks

10. Peacocks don’t vary in size too much.

A mature peacock will measure between 35 to 50 inches and their tail can measure as tall as 5-foot and normally weigh between 8.75 to 13 pounds.

11. Peacocks are LOUD!

If you’re planning on keeping peacocks as pets, be aware that your neighbors will definitely be able to hear them! Many people do not like their loud cries, and for this reason, these birds are often needed to be re-homed.

12. It might not be best to home just one peacock.

Still think a peacock will look nice on your lawn?  Be aware, peacocks should always be kept in groups and require a large outdoor space.

13. They live for a very long time!

A wild peacocks’ average life expectancy is 10 – 20 years, but this can extend to as much as 50 years when in captivity!

FAQs about Peacocks

What type of bird is the peacock?

The peacock is typically a type of peafowl, though it belongs to the same family as the pheasant.

Are peacocks edible?

Supposedly, but finding peacock meat on menus is fairly rare.

Do peacocks eat spiders?

Yes! Peacocks love to eat spiders - if they can’t find any insects, they will happily snaffle up arachnids.

Do you know any fun facts about peacocks?  Share them in the comments below!

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