Birds fun facts

Donald Duck
6 Feb

12 Fun Facts About Donald Duck

Donald Duck is one of the most recognizable characters the world over. Beloved by generations, this duck with a fiery temper is considered one of Disney’s most recognizable creations. Here are some fun facts about Donald Duck worth remembering! 1. How was Donald Duck created? Walt Disney came up with the idea of Donald Duck …
fun facts about woodpeckers
16 May

13 Fascinating Facts About Woodpeckers

Have you ever wandered through the woods and heard a strange loud repetitive tapping sound? The woodpecker can be found all over the world, in different shapes, sizes and colors – so you have almost definitely had the pleasure of hearing one! Check out these fun facts about woodpeckers to find out more… 1. Woodpeckers …
facts about Eagles
26 Apr

10 Essential Facts About Eagles

Breathtaking in the air and even on the ground, the eagle is one of the most majestic of Earth’s beautiful birds. They are fantastic hunters, and are widely seen as strong symbols of freedom and liberty. As such, you’ll likely find that eagles are some of the most popular birds used in branding, logos and …
White feathered Goose
27 Jan

13 Honking Facts About Geese

Bold, brash, loud, and proud, geese are water birds that have long been hunted and farmed by humans. However, the goose is a truly fascinating beast – and in case you don’t believe us, check out a few of our favorite fun facts about geese below! 1. Long live geese! Life expectancy for geese varies …
facts about vultures
19 Jan

13 Vivid Facts About Vultures

Vultures are sometimes seen as fairly sinister beasts – great, hulking birds that normally stalk desert and rocky areas, largely feeding on dead animals, or carrion – they choose to do this over feasting on live prey, as it happens! However, vultures do sometimes get unfair PR – and with the following fun facts about …
nutritional facts about turkey
24 Dec

9 Nutrition Facts About Turkey Meat

It’s hard to imagine a holiday, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, without turkey. It’s an important food throughout certain times of the year. Whether you’re a dieter or just curious about what you’ve been eating, here are some fun facts about turkey nutrition… 1. Here’s the calorific breakdown. 85 grams of roasted turkey breast that …
facts about puffins
13 Dec

15 Perfect Facts About Puffins

Puffins are odd little birds that have something of a cult following! Cute and docile, they are also known for being pretty smart – and there’s likely to be plenty about them you don’t know. There’s more to these curious critters than just picture postcard looks and their prosperity for island living. Keep reading for …
interesting facts about parrots
29 Nov

12 Pretty Good Facts About Parrots

Polly want a cracker? Parrots are amazingly intelligent animals that are perhaps most famous for their colorful plumages and their ability to mimic all kinds of sounds. However, that’s not everything in their repertoire! Here are some fun facts about parrots worth squawking about! 1. What’s a psittacine? Psittacines is another name for parrots! There …
Facts about Swans
8 Nov

12 Serene Facts About Swans

Swans are majestic and iconic – they really are a firm part of the British countryside! Of course, as with all wild birds, it is never a good idea to try and approach a swan on your own – they can get pretty vicious and protective! These fun facts about swans are going to break things down …
fun facts about Hummingbirds
4 Nov

15 Hypnotic Facts About Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds – tiny yet mighty, and amazing food guzzling machines! Hummingbirds are exotic birds with an impressive ability to not only fly long distances – but also hover, too! The hummingbird has fascinated mankind for a long, long time – and lucky for you, we’re here with stacks of facts about this curious critter to …
interesting facts about Pelicans
30 Oct

14 Interesting Facts About Pelicans You Won’t Know…

As some of the largest birds in the world, pelicans make an impression wherever they go! Every continent except Antarctica can be called home by pelicans. They’re easy to spot thanks to their huge, gaping beaks – and they have wings that can span up to 12 feet in length! You’ve likely seen pelicans more …
interesting facts about emus
17 Sep

30 Energizing Facts About Emus

Have you ever seen an Emu run? They’re so fast that it’s beyond belief! With good eyesight and amazing agility, emus can escape any trouble. Even so, when they must defend themselves, they strike and rip with their heavy feet and nails. Emus serve an important role in their habitats as seed dispersal specialists. Speed …
funny facts about chickens
15 Sep

17 Charming Facts About Chickens

Chickens are some of the most fascinating critters we have the pleasure of sharing the planet with! While feisty fowl might not seem to be to be that special on the outside, there’s a lot going on in that bird brain! Anyone who has kept or owned chickens will likely tell you that it’s a …
interesting facts about Magpies
30 Aug

17 Marvellous Facts About Magpies

Magpies are beautiful, intelligent, curious birds, and protective of their territory. But is that everything? There are many rumors and superstitions regarding magpies. For hundreds of years, people were so fearful of magpies in Europe that they were very nearly hunted to extinction. Luckily, before this happened Christianity spread that magpies were associated with good …
facts about peacocks
14 Aug

13 Proud Facts About Peacocks

Known for their stunning green and blue tail feathers, peacocks are beautiful and well-loved birds.  Here’s a few fun facts about peacocks that you may not know… 1. The peacock is an Indian symbol. The peacock has been the national bird of India since 1963. 2. It’s a gender-neutral name. The term Peacock is usually …