Interesting facts about Bulgaria

16 Barmy Facts About Bulgaria

Want to learn a little more about the countries of the world and increase your chances of winning the next pub quiz? Take a look at these fun facts about Bulgaria!

1. Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a Balkan country in south-eastern Europe.

It shares a border with Serbia & Montenegro to the north-west, Romania to the north, Turkey to the south-east, Greece to the south and Macedonia to the south-west. It also has a glorious coastline along the Black Sea to the east of the country.

2. Grab your compass and take a look.

This wonderful country has an area of 42,855 square miles (110,994 square kilometers).
Should you wish to moor your boat upon its golden shores, the coordinates are 42.7500° N, 25.5000°

3. Millions of people live in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria’s population was 6.465 million in 2022.

Facts of Bulgaria
Flag of Bulgaria

4. What’s the capital of Bulgaria?

Bulgaria’s capital city is called Sofia; it covers an area of 521 square miles (1,349 square kilometers) and has a population of 1.236 million (2017).

Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe, having been founded 7000 years ago!

5. Resin is drinkable here – no, really.

‘Mastika’ is a popular drink here; it’s 47% proof and made with tree resin! Barmy!

6. Bulgaria is a mountainous country.

The terrain here is mostly mountainous, with lowlands bordering Romania in the north, and also to the south-east.

7. Its summers are hot and its winters are cold. Simple!

Bulgaria enjoys a temperate climate with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. We all know about the wet wintery bit!

8. Here’s something Bulgaria and Scotland have in common…

Much like Scotland, the bagpipes is the national instrument of Bulgaria. They are called ‘Gaida’ and are typically made from goat or sheep hide.

9. Facebook almost counts as a Bulgarian invention.

Did you know, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, is half Bulgarian? We certainly didn’t!

A view over Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

10. Reverse your head gestures when you visit!

Bulgaria is one of the few countries where nodding your head means no and shaking it means yes!

11. Bulgarians live to a ripe old age.

The average life expectancy here is a lengthy 74.91 years (2019)

12. You can’t spend Euros here.

Despite being a member of the European Union, the currency of Bulgaria is the Lev.

women wearing traditional Bulgarian Folk costume
Traditional Bulgarian folk costume

13. The perfume industry is massive.

Bulgarian rose oil is world famous and used in many expensive perfumes!

14. The Bulgarian gold rush is real!

Attention historians! The oldest known gold treasure was discovered at a burial site in Bulgaria in 1972. Around 3000 gold artefacts were discovered in nearly 300 graves, believed to date back to an incredible 4560 – 4450 BC.

15. The country’s industry and export scene is wide and varied.

Bulgarians grow vegetables, fruit and tobacco, rear livestock and produce that famous rose oil here.

The country’s industry consists of electricity, gas, food, beverages and tobacco.

Bulgaria exports rose oil (as you now know), iron, steel, clothing, footwear, machinery and equipment.

Orthodox Church, Sofia
Orthodox Church, Sofia

16. Get in touch with Bulgaria as follows.

Want to call friends or family here? The international dialing code for Bulgaria is +359.

FAQs about Bulgaria

Is it safe for me to visit Bulgaria?

Yes. Bulgaria’s crime rates are very low, and there tends to be very low chance of political tension.

Is English spoken in Bulgaria?

Yes. While most people speak Russian here, around a third of all Bulgarians speak English, too.

What’s the most popular religion in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria’s foremost religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

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