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19 Prosperous Facts about Panama

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world? Why not start off with these 19 interesting facts about Panama!

  1. Panama is the southernmost country in Central America.
  2. It shares a border with Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the southeast. It also has a coastline along the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south.
  3. Panama has an area of 29,157 square miles (75,517 square kilometres).
  4. It had a population of 4.099 million in 2017.
  5. The capital city is called Panama City; it covers an area of 106 square miles (275 square kilometres) and has a population of 477,328 million (2017).
  6. The international dialling code for Panama is +507.
  7. The terrain here is a delightful mix of rugged mountains and plains with rolling hills.
  8. For an adventure full of sun, sea and swimming, head for Panama! The coordinates here are 8.9667° N, 79.5333°
  9. Residents of Panama are called Panamanians!
Facts of Panama

Flag of Panama

  1. Panamanians enjoy a tropical maritime climate with hot and humid weather. There is a dry season from January to May and a rainy season from May to January.
  2. The average life expectancy here is 74 years.
  3. A naturally biodiverse country, more species of birds can be witnessed in Panama than the USA and Canada combined!
  4. There are two official currencies of Panama; the Panamanian Balboa and the US Dollar. The Balboa is tied to the Dollar at a rate of 1:1.
  5. Spanish and English are the official languages of Panama.
  6. Between 1904 and 1914, more than 75,000 U.S. Army Corps Engineers built the Panama Canal between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. This incredible feat of engineering cut trips by water between New York and San Francisco by 7,872 miles! It is so busy that it’s estimated to generate around 30% of Panama’s GDP!
  7. In fact, the canal is so busy that it is currently undergoing an expansion project!
  8. Panama grows bananas, coffee, cotton, tobacco and sugarcane, rears cattle and catches fish.
  9. The country’s industry consists of machinery, metal products, food processing, chemicals and textiles.
  10. Panama exports coffee, shrimp, lobster, tobacco, cotton and bananas.

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