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13 Pleasant Facts about Palestine

Looking to boost your knowledge of the Middle East? Take a look at these fun facts about Palestine!

1. Where is Palestine?

Palestine is a country of partially recognized state territories, including the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the Middle East.

2. Palestine has plenty of borders.

The West Bank is bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel to the south, west and north, whilst the Gaza Strip is bordered by Israel to the north and east, Egypt to the southwest, with a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea to the west.

3. Grab the compass!

To visit the West Bank for yourself, you’ll need to follow the coordinates of 32.0000° N, 35.3833° E, whilst to explore the Gaza Strip you’ll need the coordinates of 31.4167° N, 34.3333° E.

Flag of Palestine
Palestinian Flag

4. Land quality varies out here.

The terrain of the West Bank is mostly rugged and dissected upland in the west, with flat plains in the east, whilst the Gaza Strip is a flat-to-rolling sand-covered coastal plain.

5. It’s around the size of an English county.

The total land area of Palestine is 2,401 square miles (6,220 square kilometers)…that’s slightly smaller than Devon, England.

6. However, it’s much more densely populated!

Palestine’s population was 5.044 million in 2022…that’s around six times the population of Devon!

7. What’s the capital of Palestine?

The capital is Ramallah; it covers an area of 6.2 square miles (16 square kilometers) and had a population of 27,092 in 2009.

8. Hot in the summer, mild in the winter!

Palestinians enjoy a temperate climate with warm to hot summers and mild winters.

9. What do people speak in Palestine?

The official languages of Palestine are Arabic and Hebrew.

Ramallah neighborhood


10. There’s a choice of two different currencies.

Jordanian Dinar and Israeli New Shekel are the official currencies here.

11. Christmas comes but… thrice a year?

Did you know that Christmas is celebrated on three different days in Palestine by different religions? Thrice the fun!

12. Many Palestinians live into their 70s.

The average life span here is 73.74 years (2017).

13. Here’s some Palestine industry facts.

Palestine grows olives, vegetables, citrus fruits and flowers; they also rear cattle and produce dairy products.

Its industry consists of quarrying, textiles, small-scale manufacturing, wood carvings, soap, furniture, tourism and food processing.

The main exports include fruits, vegetables, flowers, olives, stone and occasionally fish.

Bank of Palestine

FAQs about Palestine

How do you say ‘hello’ while in Palestine?

It’s traditional to say either ‘Merhaba’, which means hello, or ‘Assalaam ‘alaikum’, an Islamic greeting that means ‘may peace be upon you’.

What are some popular dishes in Palestine?

Popular cuisine in Palestine includes shakshouka, an egg delicacy - and makdous, a vegetarian dish common across the Middle East.

Can I drink alcohol in Palestine?

As Palestine is generally Muslim, it’s illegal within teachings of the Quran to drink alcohol - however, businesses can still make and sell it across the nation.

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