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19 Mystical Facts About Morocco

Morocco is a North African country bordering the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, made famous by its architecture, souks and cuisine. Here you can discover some mystical and fun facts about Morocco.

1. Where is Morocco?

Morocco is a vibrant and colorful country in North Africa. It shares a border with Algeria to the east and south east and Western Sahara to the south west. It also has a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean to the north west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north east.

2. Morocco is fairly large.

This stunning country has an area of 274,461 square miles (710,850 square kilometers).

3. The population of Morocco is just over half the UK’s.

Morocco’s population was 37.46 million in 2022.

Flag of Morocco
Flag of Morocco

4. What’s the capital of Morocco?

The capital city is called Rabat; it covers an area of 45.2 square miles (117 square kilometers) and has a population of 577,827 million (2014).

5. There are lots of ups and downs here!

The terrain here is flat coastal plains to the east, with mountains and valleys on the northern coast and inland.

6. Here’s a fishy fact…

Morocco is the world’s largest exporter of sardines!

7. Want to find Morocco on the map?

Should you wish to have an authentic cultural experience in this beautiful country, the coordinates are 32.0000° N, 6.0000° S.

8. Morocco is a VERY warm country.

Moroccans enjoy a Mediterranean climate on the coastline, with the temperatures higher inland.

9. But you can ski here!

Despite this beautiful weather, Morocco is actually home to Africa’s highest ski resort (Africa doesn’t exactly come to mind when we plan our skiing holidays either!). Oukaimeden village stands at 2,600m above sea level with the highest peak rising to 3,258m!

Tamnougalt, Morocco
Tamnougalt, Morocco

10. You’re likely to live long and healthily here.

The average life expectancy here is 76.45 years (2018).

11. Get counting those pennies!

In order to buy your goodies in one of the amazing souks, you’ll need to bring some Dirham (often referred to as ‘flous’), the currency of Morocco.

12. The Moroccans are serious about meat.

Vegetarians beware – if you are offered meat with a meal it is considered impolite to refuse it!

small boats tied up in Taghazout, Morocco
Taghazout, Morocco

13. However, if you have a taste for couscous…

Couscous is the national dish of Morocco and is usually served with a rich vegetable and meat stew, whilst sweet mint tea is the national drink. Lovely!

14. Be aware of paying for your own pics!

We’re sure you’ll want to take lots of photos on your journey through Morocco, but be warned that snake charmers and street dancers will expect payment for the photo opportunity! People will even charge you for directions!

15. Ever visited a roadside dentist?

Apparently, the standard treatment for toothache in Morocco is extraction! There are even ‘tooth-extraction specialists’ that can be found in souks with their pliers at the ready!

inside a moroccan riad courtyard
A riad courtyard in Marrakesh, Morocco

16. Morocco is in an exclusive club.

Morocco is one of only three countries to have a coastline along both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The other two are Spain and France.

17. Want to speak the lingo here?

Arabic is the official language of Morocco.

18. What does Morocco grow and export?

They grow barley, wheat and citrus fruits, rear livestock, catch fish and produce wine here.

The country’s industry consists of food processing, leather goods, textiles and phosphate rock mining and processing. Morocco exports fish, clothing, transistors, crude minerals, inorganic chemicals and fertilisers.

a delicious looking tagine

19. It’s easy to keep in touch with people in Morocco.

Want to call your friends in Morocco? You’ll need to use the international dialling code +212.

FAQs about Morocco

Is it safe to visit Morocco?

In recent years, Morocco’s safety rating has improved massively, meaning it is now safe for tourists to visit.

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

Yes - you can buy and drink alcohol in bars and hotels, here - just be careful to not overdo it.

Is Morocco a poor country?

Despite having made serious progress economically in the past few years, millions of people in Morocco live in poverty.

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