interesting facts about Ankara

13 Awesome Facts About Ankara

Like to know a little more about the capital cities of the world? Take a look at these fun facts about Ankara!

1. Where is Ankara, anyway?

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey.

2. Here’s the perfect pronunciation.

Wondering how to say the name of this wonderful city? It’s pronounced An-kur-ruh.

3. It’s a sprawling city!

The total land area of Ankara is 971 square miles (2,516 square kilometers) – that’s roughly four times the size of Greater Manchester.

Flag of Turkey
Flag of Turkey

4. However, not many people live here (comparatively!).

Ankara’s population was 5.663 million in 2020 – that’s less than double the population of Greater Manchester – that gives it a population density of around 5,832 residents per square mile.

5. Not Istanbul, not Constantinople…

Istanbul, which happens to be larger and more widely known than Ankara, is often mistaken as Turkey’s capital city.

6. Is Ankara far from the sea?

Ankara is located 3,077 ft above sea level.

7. What are residents called here?

Residents of Ankara are known as Turks or Turkish.

8. The weather’s often dry – then snowy!

Turks living in Ankara enjoy a continental climate with hot, dry summers, followed by cold, snowy winters and an average annual temperature of 53°F.

9. Grab the compass figures.

Looking to fly yourself to Ankara? You’ll need the co-ordinates of 39.9333° N, 32.8667° E.

facts about Ankara
Ankara, Turkey

10. The Ethnography exhibits are work a tour.

Make sure you visit the Ethnography Museum of Ankara if you’re in town; it’s a museum dedicated to the study of people and culture which was opened in 1928. Not only is the museum full of incredible artifacts, the architecture is also stunning.

11. People have been living here for centuries.

Amazingly, Ankara has apparently been continuously inhabited since the Bronze Age!

12. Get those pennies changed!

Turkish Lira is the official currency here.

Mosque in Ankara, Turkey

13. Ankara is a big tourist draw.

Turkey welcomed 37,795,000 tourists into the country in 2013, many of whom visited Ankara for its rich history and wonderful architecture.

FAQs about Ankara

Is Ankara safe for tourists?

Yes - on the whole, Ankara is safe to visit, but as with any city, crime does exist to some extent - so be careful!

Why is Ankara the capital of Turkey, and not Istanbul?

Ankara is the capital of Turkey as a result of the country becoming a Republic in 1923.

What is Ankara known for?

Ankara is known as the commercial and industrial center of Turkey, and it’s also famous for producing wool!

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