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11 Pretty Facts about Phuket

If you would like to see paradise on Earth (and honestly, who wouldn’t), Phuket comes about as close to it as possible! This stunning island hosts tourists from all over the world every year looking for white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and wanting to experience a beautiful and unique culture. But, just in case you can’t make your way to Phuket just now, we have the second-best thing. Here are some fun facts about Phuket to inspire a future visit.

1. It is the largest island in Thailand.

Phuket is indeed Thailand’s largest island. The name also lends itself to the island’s capital city, Phuket. The city is located on the island’s southeastern coast, which can be found in the Andaman Sea in the southern part of Thailand.

2. It’s relatively small.

Despite being Thailand’s biggest island, Phuket isn’t that large. Phuket covers an area of approximately 576 square kilometers. And, as of 2023, nearly 450,000 people live on the island.

3. It is a major spot for tourists.

Phuket is a major tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, various water activities, and vibrant nightlife. In fact, in 2023 alone, Phuket received around 14 million tourists!


4. People also come to see Phuket town.

The town of Phuket is the historical and cultural center of the island. It is known for its colorful colonial-style buildings, street art, and a mix of Thai, Chinese, and Portuguese influences, showcasing the island’s historical connections with Chinese and European traders.

5. Others come from all over to see the Big Buddha!

The Big Buddha is by far one of Phuket’s most famous landmarks. It stands (or sits) at 45 meters tall and is located on Nakkerd Hill. The area offers panoramic views of the island.

6. The island hosts an extremely popular vegetarian festival!

Phuket also hosts its annual Vegetarian Festival, welcoming veggie lovers from all over the continent (and the world) to enjoy some green dishes with none of the meat. During the festival, participants engage in various rituals, processions, and practices for spiritual cleansing.

7. You can visit the Tiger Kingdom to see some big cats.

One of the most popular attractions in Phuket is Tiger Kingdom. There, visitors can get up close and personal with all kinds of big cats, including tigers and cheetahs.

8. The island has a monsoon season.

If you plan on visiting Phuket, it is important to know that the island has an important monsoon season. The monsoon season generally lasts from May to October, with the wettest months largely being September and October. The high season for tourism is, therefore, from November to April.

9. You can dive into FantaSea!

FantaSea is a cultural theme park and entertainment complex that offers a variety of shows. Some of the most popular events include traditional Thai dance performances and an elephant circus!

Phuket nightlife
Phuket nightlife

10. You can easily visit the surrounding islands.

When visiting Phuket, most people also journey to the nearby islands. For example, the nearby Phi Phi Islands are often visited as part of tours from Phuket due to their stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters. The Similan Islands are also known for their marine biodiversity and coral reefs.

11. It’s not pronounced the way it’s spelled…

No, Phuket isn’t pronounced quite the way it’s spelled out. It’s actually pronounced poo-ket – it’s worth learning this before you start cussing people out unnecessarily!

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FAQs about Phuket

Why is Phuket so famous?

Phuket is famous for being a popular tourist destination thanks to its stunning land and seascapes. However, it is also famous for its important history and cultural significance in Thailand.

Is it expensive to go to Phuket?

Generally speaking, it is not too expensive to go to Phuket! It's best to plan the whole trip ahead of time if you are planning on sticking to a budget, but by going at the cheaper time of the year, i.e., out of the tourist season, you can make big savings during your trip to Phuket.

What is the best time to visit Phuket?

Generally speaking, to make the most of the good weather, it is best to visit Phuket between the months of November and April.

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