Wildlife fun facts

facts about the honeybee
4 Apr

10 Happy Facts about Honey Bees

Where would we be without honey bees? Pretty short on food, for a start! These hard-working, buzzy creatures really do live for the honey – and the way they protect their queens and source out the sticky stuff is always fascinating. So much so, we’ve lined up some seriously fun facts about honey bees to …
fun facts about badgers
1 Feb

15 Brilliant Facts About Badgers

Who doesn’t love badgers? These snuffling, exceptionally British beasts are icons of the European countryside. However, to many people, they’re quite misunderstood. Let’s take a look at a few fun facts about badgers to help clue you in on these marvelous mammals. 1. What are badgers, anyway? Found in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, …
fun facts about woodpeckers
16 May

13 Fascinating Facts About Woodpeckers

Have you ever wandered through the woods and heard a strange loud repetitive tapping sound? The woodpecker can be found all over the world, in different shapes, sizes and colors – so you have almost definitely had the pleasure of hearing one! Check out these fun facts about woodpeckers to find out more… 1. Woodpeckers …
interesting facts about armadillo
6 May

14 Eye Opening Facts About Armadillos

Armadillos are easy to identify due to their strong protective shells and pointed heads. They are fascinating animals – but sadly, some of the species are on the endangered list. Read on for some fun facts about armadillos and why they are certainly worth protecting! 1. A sweet name for a strong critter! The name …
facts about Eagles
26 Apr

10 Essential Facts About Eagles

Breathtaking in the air and even on the ground, the eagle is one of the most majestic of Earth’s beautiful birds. They are fantastic hunters, and are widely seen as strong symbols of freedom and liberty. As such, you’ll likely find that eagles are some of the most popular birds used in branding, logos and …
fun facts about Chimpanzees
12 Apr

15 Charming Facts About Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are some of the cheekiest, most intriguing creatures in the wild world around us! There have been incredible efforts over the years to conserve their habitats as much as possible. However, make no mistake – chimps are also some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Extremely strong and often very territorial, it …
zebras running
7 Feb

15 Zany Facts About Zebras

Zebras are curious animals. Are they white with black stripes, or black with white stripes? What separates them from horses? In this fact file, we are going to take a close look at everything we know about these wild and wonderful beasts. Think of yourself to be a zebra expert? Maybe it’s time to test …
beaver spotted
4 Feb

10 Fun Facts About Beavers

The numerous ways a beaver shapes its environments for survival are awe-inspiring. Here are some fun facts about beavers that you might not have known about. 1. Beavers have giant ancestors. Beavers used to be giants back in the Ice Age. Named “Castoroides,” they looked similar to the modern beavers but only much bigger. They …
pinniped swimming
28 Jan

15 Super-Cute Facts About Seals

Seals are sweet-looking creatures – these mammals are often referred to as the ‘dogs of the sea’! They are amazing swimmers and are super-photogenic – but there’s a lot more to these flipper-ed friends than they let on. Let’s clue up on some fun facts about seals to see how much you know. 1. They …
interesting facts about tortoises
4 Jan

15 Slow And Steady Facts About Tortoises

Tortoises are fascinating animals with a distinctive appearance – and they are perhaps best known for being pretty slow movers! They are easy to care for as pets – great for beginners and kids alike! There’s more to these critters under their shells than they might let on, however – so let’s eye up some …
facts about butterflies
1 Jan

15 Beautiful Facts About Butterflies

Butterflies are gorgeous creatures – fluttering, fancily colored, and always fun to watch! However, these mini-beasts are perhaps a little more impressive than you imagine! Stick with us, as we have rounded up a list of fun facts about butterflies to wow you. 1. Yes, moths and butterflies are related. Moths and butterflies are indeed …
interesting facts about snails
6 Dec

13 Slow-Moving Facts About Snails

Snails – love them, hate them, maybe even eat them? The humble snail is a docile yet misunderstood critters, the bane of any gardener, and a famous European delicacy. Here are some fun facts about snails that might just open your eyes. 1. Do snails have teeth? Yes, snails have up to 25,000 teeth! No …
Facts about Swans
8 Nov

12 Serene Facts About Swans

Swans are majestic and iconic – they really are a firm part of the British countryside! Of course, as with all wild birds, it is never a good idea to try and approach a swan on your own – they can get pretty vicious and protective! These fun facts about swans are going to break things down …
facts about deforestation
2 Oct

27 Shameful Facts About Deforestation

Can you imagine life without trees? I believe that no one can! The forest is a sanctuary rich with flora and fauna. It’s a place where we go to find peace, hear our thoughts, and be one with nature. With climate change being a well-known issue around the world, you’ve probably come across the devastating …