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Fun Porcupine Facts
23 Jun

14 Prickly Facts about Porcupines

These prickly-looking creatures are sometimes misjudged – are they related to hedgehogs or not? Where can you find them, and are they aggressive? In this fact file, we’ll look at a stack of fun facts about porcupines – see how much you already know if you’re a big animal fan! 1. They’re not related to …
Facts about Hamsters
11 Feb

16 Happy Facts About Hamsters

Hamsters are cute little critters! They are popular pets with children and adults alike and tend to be very popular with those who are looking for low-maintenance, exciting animals to keep at home. Often very easy to please, to keep healthy, and to entertain, there are various breeds of hamsters that continue to find their …
interesting facts about rats
30 Jan

10 Refreshing Facts About Rats

Rats are curious and extremely intelligent creatures. However, they often get something of a bad rap thanks to their propensity for spreading disease! However, despite this, rats often make fantastic pets. Let’s take a look at some fun facts about rats to help you change the way you see them. 1. It’s all in the …
facts about mice
6 Jan

13 Mighty Facts About Mice

Mice have an interesting reputation. While they may not be as reviled as rats, on the whole, they do still cause a fair amount of home damage if you let them! They have a propensity for nibbling through just about everything. That being said, they are also well-loved as pets, and of course, some of …
a squirrel climbing down a tree
31 Dec

15 Surprising Facts About Squirrels

Who doesn’t love squirrels? These bushy-tailed, bright-eyed tree climbers are loved all over the world – and they come in many different varieties! However, there’s likely more to the humble squirrel than you might imagine. Here are some fun facts about squirrels you’ll want to remember the next time you see them scurrying across your …