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vancouver, british columbia
18 Dec

11 Cool Facts about British Columbia

Replete with mountains, gorgeous forests, and even a coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean, it’s safe to say British Columbia is one of the best-loved vacation destinations for people who want to get back to nature. Home to skiing and glacier spotting, too, there’s lots to dig into here. If you’re planning a trip in the …
11 Dec

13 Mind-blowing Facts about Missouri

Known for its vast farmlands, rich history, and fascinating culture, who wouldn’t want to visit Missouri? It’s also well-known for its links to some of the best-known and loved US literature of all time. Instead of hopping on a jet and visiting Missouri, how about we all learn a bit more about this state together? …
facts about arkansas 1
14 Sep

10 Ace Facts about Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the many great states of the United States of America. Home to hot springs, incredible nature walks, and, believe it or not, rice – Arkansas has a lot going for it apart from an odd name that’s actually pronounced “Arkan-saw,” not “Ar-kansas.” But, aside from these tidbits, how much do you …
31 Jul

13 Sensational Facts about South Dakota

Even if you’re not a US citizen, you’ll likely have seen Mount Rushmore before – and it’s right here in the heart of South Dakota. This super-sparse state is fantastic for festivals, rugged landscapes, and notable native history. Let’s take a closer look at what sets south apart from north, with some fun facts about …
Facts about Winsconsin
27 Feb

10 Worthwhile Facts About Wisconsin

Known for cold winters and warm people, Wisconsin is one of the most fascinating US states. But is it really all about the cheese? Not at all – here are some fantastic and fun facts about Wisconsin that may just surprise you. 1. Where is Wisconsin? Known as a state in the Midwest, Wisconsin can …
interesting facts about Michigan
24 Feb

11 Interesting Facts About Michigan

How much do you know about the US state of Michigan? As it turns out, it’s not all about lakes and cakes. However, they’re pretty important to the state as a whole! Let’s take a look at some fun facts about Michigan that you may want to remember for a few pub quizzes down the …
facts about Lake Winnipeg
25 Jan

10 Wonderful Facts about Lake Winnipeg

If you like boat races, fishing, swimming, and birdwatching, then you will probably love Lake Winnipeg! This famous freshwater lake remains a popular area for tourists to flock to from all over the world, and with good reason! This famous body of water has a lot to give, but how much do you actually know …
Fun Facts about Vancouver
19 Nov

11 Verifiable Facts about Vancouver

Canada’s impressive Vancouver is known around the world for its incredible culture, stunning views, and friendly people. In fact, for many of us, it is a place we dream of visiting and even living in! But, how much do you really know about this Canadian city? Here are some fun facts about Vancouver! 1. Who …
facts about the lake superior
23 Sep

11 Lavish Facts about Lake Superior

As one of the most beautiful spots on Earth and a very popular tourist site, Lake Superior is known across the globe! People from all over travel to the lake every year to explore the clear waters, shipwrecks, and incredible wildlife in the area. But Lake Superior has so much more to it, and many …
Facts about the Oregon Trail
18 Jun

9 Awesome Facts about The Oregon Trail

Known for being one of the most important routes connecting the east to the west in the US during pioneer times, the Oregon Trail has a rich and fascinating history. So, let’s dive into nine fun facts about the Oregon Trail to clue you in to how it all went down! 1. And I would …
facts about Miami
8 Jun

11 Marvelous Facts about Miami

Miami is the seventh-largest metropolitan area in the whole United States of America, and you’ll find it on the west coast of Florida. This popular holiday destination draws thousands of visitors annually thanks to its fabulous beaches, great climate and its reputation for hospitality! Read on for some fun facts about Miami that might just …
facts about Colorado
19 Apr

11 Compelling Facts About Colorado

One of the most diverse states in terms of geography and topography, the US region of Colorado is famous for its national parks and modern cities – as well as its glorious, snow-capped mountains! This Western state is also one with some of the most fascinating history to its name. Here are just a few …
facts about the mississippi river
19 Dec

17 Fun Facts About The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River, found in – guess where – Mississippi, US, has the distinction of being the second-longest river of its kind in North America. That’s an incredible distinction – and anyone who has ever visited the river will likely tell you they are surprised it is only the second-longest! However, there’s more to these …
Louisiana Mississippi Boat
30 Sep

29 Luscious Facts About Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the most culturally fascinating US states. This southern region is famous for being the birthplace of jazz music and is well known for it Mardi Gras and carnival scene, spicy Creole food, and for playing host to the Mississippi River. No wonder so many people travel to New Orleans! Even if …
fun facts about dallas
27 Sep

27 Delightful Facts About Dallas

Dallas is located in north central Texas, 35 miles east of Fort Worth, 245 miles northwest of Houston, and 300 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. Its the third-largest city in Texas and the ninth-largest city in the US with a rich history and some great attractions. If you’re thinking of visiting this city …