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interesting facts about Paris
4 Sep

17 Fun Facts about Paris

Paris is of course France’s capital city. It is said to be the city of love, is brimming with famous historic sights and is home to the very best of French haute-cuisine. If you’re considering a trip here, you’ll enjoy these 17 fun facts about Paris that you might not have known! 1. London to …
interesting facts about France
10 Oct

27 Fun Facts About France

Famous for its delicious food and wine, medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches, here’s some fun facts about France 1. France is a big draw. France is a highly popular, historical and in some parts, untouched country in Western Europe. 2. It’s got plenty of neighbors. It is bordered by Belgium and Luxembourg in …
Map of Europe
29 Aug

15 Excellent Facts About Europe

Spanning 400 million square miles, Europe is a temperate continent in the northern hemisphere and home to 741 million people, incredible history and diverse destinations that are on many people’s bucket lists. Here are some fun facts about Europe to bring you up to speed… 1. Where does Europe get its name from? Europe was …
interesting facts about UNESCO
21 Jul

13 Unbelievable Facts About UNESCO

We live in an increasing and fascinating world!  Thanks to the work of groups such as UNESCO, our rich history and heritage remains preserved for generations to come.  But what does UNESCO actually do?  As an introduction, here are some interesting facts about UNESCO: 1. Why was UNESCO founded? UNESCO’s aim is, ultimately, to promote …
interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower
27 Jan

28 Fun Facts About The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower or La Tour Eiffel in French is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. It was designed as the showpiece of the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris in remembrance of the French Revolution’s centennial as well as to show off France’s modern mechanical know-how on a global scale. Mission accomplished! For a closer look …