African Animals fun facts

15 Aug

10 Wild-hearted Facts about Wildebeest

Wildebeest are stunning bovine creatures that we often link to African safaris, mainly because they’re native to the Eastern and Southern ends of the continent. However, they tend to migrate pretty wildly across vast expanses! Let’s take a look at some fun facts about wildebeest to clue you in on these traveling beasts. 1. Wildebeest …
facts about antelope
14 Dec

16 Awesome Facts about Antelope

Graceful and elegant, antelope are some of the most curious critters you’ll come across. But how much do you really know about these mammals? Here are some fun facts about antelopes that might just help clue you in. 1. There are many different types of antelope out there! There are over 90 species of antelope, …
Facts about Gazelles
8 Nov

12 Graceful Facts about Gazelles

Aren’t gazelles graceful creatures? These speedy, nimble critters are best known for their endless grace – and they are some of the most stunning mammals you’ll spot roaming around the African wilds. However, there’s more to these spry beasts than meets the eye – here are some fun facts about gazelles that might impress you! …
aardvark facts
4 Nov

15 Awkward Facts about Aardvarks

Aardvarks are curious-looking creatures that often get confused with anteaters – famous for their long snouts and distinctive names, these mammals are actually related loosely to the elephant! Let’s take a glance at some fun facts about aardvarks you’ll want to remember for time to come. 1. They are amazing insectivores! As successful Insectivores, aardvarks …
fun facts about Chimpanzees
12 Apr

15 Charming Facts About Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are some of the cheekiest, most intriguing creatures in the wild world around us! There have been incredible efforts over the years to conserve their habitats as much as possible. However, make no mistake – chimps are also some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Extremely strong and often very territorial, it …
Hyena Facts
17 Feb

12 Hyperactive Facts about Hyenas

Hyenas are wild mammals who are perhaps best known for their distinctive calls – some people feel they are ‘laughing’ when they call each other! However, there’s certainly more to the hyena than the odd joke… here are some fun facts about hyenas worth keeping in mind. 1. Hyenas aren’t related to dogs. Though dog-like …
zebras running
7 Feb

15 Zany Facts About Zebras

Zebras are curious animals. Are they white with black stripes, or black with white stripes? What separates them from horses? In this fact file, we are going to take a close look at everything we know about these wild and wonderful beasts. Think of yourself to be a zebra expert? Maybe it’s time to test …
a panther up in the trees
26 Jan

13 Perfect Facts About Panthers

Revered, feared – no matter what you feel about panthers, these majestic creatures deserve our respect! In this fact file, we’ll share with you some fascinating titbits about these fabulous felines and why they are worth reading more about. Here are some fun facts about panthers you may wish to remember for the next big …
fun facts about Giraffes
23 Jan

17 Great Facts About Giraffes

Giraffes really are bizarre creatures – is there anything on Earth with a neck so long? Probably not! What’s more, they have intriguing diets and habits – it’s likely you might have seen one or two of them if you have visited a zoo or safari park before, but how much do you know about …
facts about chameleons
28 Sep

10 Colorful Facts About Chameleons

Chameleons are some of the strangest-looking, most fascinating beasts in the animal kingdom. Not only are they well-known for their incredible oscillating eyes and their long tongues, many people will know that they have the amazing ability to be able to change color! But what else do you know about chameleons? Let’s take a look …
facts about Rhinos
26 Sep

16 Revealing Facts About Rhinoceros

The rhinoceros is an incredible beast – big, bold, and boasting an amazing horn, the rhino is also sadly one of the most-threatened creatures on the planet. What is it about these critters that is making them so endangered? September 22nd, World Rhino Day, aims to educate the world a little bit more on why …
facts about warthogs 6
22 Sep

25 Wonderful Facts About Warthogs

If your knowledge of the warthog starts and ends with ‘The Lion King’, it’s time to clue yourself up! While not the prettiest of creatures, these tusked beasts are some of the most fascinating you’ll find in the wild. It’s well worth keeping your distance, as they’re fairly dangerous. Take a look at these 25 …
interesting facts about Hippopotamuses
25 Aug

13 Hefty Facts About Hippos

A hippopotamus may look cute and cuddly, but there’s far more to these majestic beasts than meets the eye. Take a look at these fun facts about Hippos and you’ll never look at them the same way again. 1. What color is a hippo, anyway? Hippopotamuses’ dark brown skin fades to pink underneath. 2. Hippos …
facts about silverback gorillas
15 Aug

12 Scintillating Facts About Silverback Gorillas

Also known as the Mountain Gorilla or the Eastern Lowland Gorilla, the Silverback Gorilla is a form of ape found in African mountain ranges. The population of Silverbacks are currently on a steady decline, and poachers are playing a major role in this. Here’s some interesting facts about Silverback gorillas that shows what incredible primates …
fun facts about meerkats
10 Aug

16 Magical Facts About Meerkats

Meerkats. Animals made famous in the United Kingdom with very stereotypical Russian accents, encouraging viewers to visit a certain price comparison site. Today our prime focus is on real-life meerkats: Think Africa, not Russia, less lavish mansions, more sandy deserts and incoherent barks. These fun facts about Meerkats will shine a light on these mysterious …