Africa fun facts

Interesting facts about Tanzania
23 Feb

22 Terrific Facts about Tanzania

Are you moving here to work in one of the amazing nature reserves or to study the incredible creatures that roam freely around the plains? Brush up on your local knowledge before you head off with these fun facts about Tanzania! 1. Where is Tanzania? Tanzania is a biodiverse country in Eastern Africa. It is …
Hyena Facts
17 Feb

12 Hyperactive Facts about Hyenas

Hyenas are wild mammals who are perhaps best known for their distinctive calls – some people feel they are ‘laughing’ when they call each other! However, there’s certainly more to the hyena than the odd joke… here are some fun facts about hyenas worth keeping in mind. 1. Hyenas aren’t related to dogs. Though dog-like …
interesting facts about south sudan
15 Feb

16 Salutary Facts About South Sudan

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world? Take a look at these fun facts about South Sudan! 1. Where is South Sudan? South Sudan is a landlocked country in East Africa. It is bordered by Sudan to the north, Ethiopia to the east, Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the …
Interesting facts about Praia
14 Feb

18 Perfect Facts about Praia

Praia is the beautiful capital city of Cape Verde on the west coast of Africa. It has picturesque beaches, amazing wildlife, great nightlife – and more besides! Here are some fun facts about Praia to clue up on. 1. What does ‘Praia’ mean? The word ‘Praia’ is Portuguese and means ‘beach’. 2. How many people …
Interesting facts about Cameroon
13 Jan

16 Crazy Facts About Cameroon

Looking to increase your worldly knowledge and your chances of winning the next geography quiz? Take a look at these fun facts about Cameroon! 1. The country is famous for its wildlife. Cameroon is a beautiful, wildlife-rich country in Central Africa. 2. What are some of Cameroon’s neighbors? It is bordered by Chad to the northeast, …
Interesting facts about Benin
1 Jan

15 Brilliant Facts About Benin

Benin’s a West African country that was formerly known as Dahomey – and it has a lot of history and interesting culture worth knowing about. Did you know that it was once connected with France? It was referred to as the ‘Slave Coast’ as a result of its pivotal place in the trade process. Here …
interesting facts about Zimbabwe
23 Dec

18 Zesty Facts About Zambia

Ever wanted to know more about Zambia? We’ve dug deep into some information about this landlocked country and have dug up some fun facts about Zambia that might just fascinate you. 1. What’s the capital of Zambia? The capital city of Zambia is Lusaka. The population of Lusaka is approximately 3.042 million people (2022), and …
interesting facts about Mayotte
21 Dec

15 Marvellous Facts About Mayotte

Mayotte is a curious territory found down off an African coastline – and it’s actually known as a ‘department’ of France! An interesting name for an island nation – and the intrigue really doesn’t stop there! Here are some fun facts about Mayotte to really help clue you into what to expect. 1. Where on …
interesting facts about uganda
21 Dec

18 Useful Facts About Uganda

Uganda is a gorgeous country in the heart of Africa – perhaps best known for its beautiful bodies of water, its wildlife, and its towering peaks. Uganda is also a fascinating territory for its culture and its history – and believe it or not, you likely won’t have to learn a new language to visit. …
interesting facts about Senegal
16 Dec

15 Sensational Facts About Senegal

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world and improve your chances at the next pub quiz? Make a start by taking a look at these fun facts about Senegal! 1. Where is Senegal? Senegal is a beautiful and wildlife-rich country in West Africa. It is bordered by Mauritania to the north, Mali to the …
interesting facts about Kenya
1 Dec

17 Key Facts About Kenya

Kenya is celebrated for its scenic landscapes and abundant wildlife, drawing tourists from around the world with its big game reserves and safari parks. The local Kenyan people are diverse, friendly and welcoming, willing to share their culture and heritage to eager tourists.  Looking to learn more about this colorful country? Here’s some fun facts …
8 Nov

15 Curious Facts About Cairo

If you’ve ever considered taking a trip out to Egypt at any point, it’s likely you’ll have come across Cairo at one point or another! The stunning, ancient capital city of Egypt, Cairo continues to be an amazing tourist draw, and is a hugely popular haunt for historians. Let’s course through some fun facts about …
johannesburg 408643 1280
8 Nov

16 Jubilant Facts About Johannesburg

The magnificent city of Johannesburg is the main commercial center of South Africa – known as the City of Gold, this sprawling metropolis is, believe it or not, one of the youngest cities on Earth! Here are some fun facts about Johannesburg to spur on future research of your own. 1. It’s one of the …
facts about the river Nile
2 Nov

12 Revealing Facts About The River Nile

Located in North Africa, the River Nile is one of the most famous rivers in the world. Egyptians have relied on this river since ancient times for irrigation and transport. Ready to learn more? Here’s 12 fun facts about the River Nile. 1. Is it really the longest river on the planet? Although traditionally considered …
interesting facts about Algeria
1 Nov

14 Astonishing Facts About Algeria

The bustling country of Algeria is one of the most fascinating on the African continent – in fact, it outsizes the competition! It’s also one of the oldest on the continent, too – making for some truly fascinating history, architecture and culture. How much do you know? Here are some fun facts about Algeria that …