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12 Simple Makeup Tips And Tricks You’ll Love

We all like to look our best, don’t we? While there are thousands and thousands of different makeup lines out there, it’s sometimes hard to know what to do with them for the best! So, here are some great little makeup tips that might just surprise you.

1. Scrub up your lips!

If you have trouble applying lipstick, try and exfoliate your lips before you get started. A gentle scrub should do it, there’s no need to go in hard! You’ll find it easier to apply your lipstick than ever, but don’t scrub too often or you’ll get irritated skin.

2. Match your primer and your foundation.

Your primer’s really important. However, if you don’t match it up with your foundation, you’re in a world of trouble. So, make sure that they have the same base – or blending is going to be a nightmare.

3. You can revive old mascara to an extent.

Mascara has a bit of a shelf life, as you may already know. However, don’t be so quick to just throw old mascara away. Providing your tube is less than three months old, revive a flaking or dried-up mascara tube with a little saline solution to get the most out of it.

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4. There’s a shelf life to mascara.

Never try and use mascara that’s more than three months old, on average. If you do, you’re at risk of developing eye infections thanks to bacterial growth. Check with your chosen fashion line and see what they recommend.

5. Tried curling your lashes like this?

Curling your lashes while wearing mascara doesn’t have to be a massive toil. In fact, it may be as simple as gently nudging them up while the mascara is still wet. However, you’ll have to be quick with those fingers.

6. Here’s a quick tip for pencil fanatics.

Eyebrow penciling is a precise art, but there’s no reason for it to be aggravating. The best advice we can give is to try and go light and feathery – otherwise, you run the risk of creating an unnatural, sloppy look.

7. Melt away for best results!

If you struggle to get your eyebrow pencil to do much at all, then try gently heating it to let it melt. A second or two under a controlled flame will do the trick and give you a bit more glide. Be careful when working with naked flames, of course!

8. Eyeshadow is pretty versatile.

Eyeshadow will do more than just its default job. You can actually use it to help highlight during makeup application, and you can even use it to bronze and change makeup coloring.

9. Recycle that applicator!

Mascara applicators need to be kept on one side, even when the mascara’s used up and done with. That’s because you can use them to help with brows – they are incredibly versatile!

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10. Uniformity is key.

Why not coordinate your cheeks and lips by choosing the same, uniform color? It’s a great way to add a natural look. If you have a lipstick or crayon to hand, apply some to the back of your hand and use it to blend with a finger or two.

11. Don’t rely on the same old bulbs!

Natural light is a must when you want to apply makeup – while it may seem like intensive lighting does the trick, this is rarely the case. Try and do your makeup in full natural lighting for the full effect – as makeup is always going to look a little bit different from bulb to bulb.

12. And here’s a perfume tip…

Try not to spray yourself directly with your chosen scent or fragrance. If it’s particularly strong, spray some a little way above you and walk into the misting – this will avoid you overdoing the scent.

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FAQs about Makeup Tips

What’s a quick way to get more attractive eyes?

Make sure to sleep well! Alternatively, dry and avoid air that’s too dry or arid, and keep them free from puffiness with the odd cucumber slice treatment.

Do I need to buy a lot of makeup products?

No, not necessarily. Try before you buy where you can - once you have one or two products on hand that you know you like, you won’t have to completely overdo your makeup bag.

Do I need to wash my makeup brushes?

Yes! Not only is it a better look overall to clean your brushes from use to use, it’s also much more hygienic. Don’t be tempted to cut corners - trust us on this one!

Do you know any makeup hints, tips, tricks, or hacks?  Share them in the comments below!

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