Facts about Oregon

15 Fun Facts About Oregon

Founded in 1859 and located in the Pacific Northwest region, Oregon is a state of the US. Well known for its present traditions, natural marvels, and its wild west past, Oregon is a fascinating state. Here are some fun facts about Oregon, the 33rd state of America.

1. Oregon’s home to a seriously deep lake!

The Crater Lake, with a depth of up to 2,000 feet, makes it the deepest lake in America and places it amongst the top 10 deepest lakes in the world.

2. …and a massive mushroom, too.

The huge honey fungus, which spans approximately 2.4 miles in Oregon’s Blue Mountains, is the biggest mushroom on Earth. Scientists believe that the fungus is approximately 2000 years old!

3. Oregon is Llama country.

The residents of Oregon own around 25% of the llama population of the entire country.

State Flag of Oregon
Oregon State Flag

4. It’s also the cheesecake capital of the US!

Oregon is home to the largest cheesecake factory in the world. The Tillamook Cheese Factory is famous amongst all ages, and its visitors can observe how the cheese is made along with learning about the cheese-making process by taking a tour around the factory.

5. It’s a nutty state!

Oregon is the only state that has an official state nut, the hazelnut. 99% of the entire commercial crop in the USA is grown in Oregon.

6. It’s also home to the swoosh.

The “swoosh” logo of Nike was designed by a student named Carolyn Davidson who was studying at Portland State University in 1971. Phil Knight, who was one of the founders of the company, rejected many of the designs made by Davidson. When picking the “swoosh” logo, he said that he wasn’t in love with it, but was hoping it would grow on him.

7. After years of debate…

We finally know where Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie live – it’s been revealed that the hometown of the popular animated show The Simpsons is inspired by Springfield, Oregon.

8. The name is said to be French!

The name Oregon is believed to have originated from the French word ‘ouragon’, which means either ‘windstorm’ or ‘hurricane’, which refers to the powerful chinook winds of the Columbia River.

9. It has twin cities.

Oregon has one city named the ‘Brothers’ and another named the ‘Sisters’.

Trillium Lake’s serenity welcomes Mt. Hood
Trillium Lake’s serenity welcomes Mt. Hood

10. Scale the pole!

Built in 1973, the Forest Grove is home to the tallest barber pole in the world. At 72 – feet high, it is almost twice as tall compared to the previous pole that held the same title (40 – feet).

11. Oregon’s flag is unique in the US.

Oregon is the only state flag that carries two separate designs. It pictures a beaver on its reverse side. Oregon is occasionally unofficially termed the ‘Beaver State’.

12. Many towns in Oregon are abandoned.

Oregon is home to the most ghost towns in the nation, with over 80. One of the more hilarious ghost towns is Idiotville. It was said that only an idiot would work there since the area was so remote, hence the name.

Smith Rock, Oregon, USA
Smith Rock, Oregon, USA

13. Oregon often has strange sightings…

In terms of the most sightings of Bigfoot, Oregon comes in at number 6, with Washington being #1.

14. The parkland here is wonderful.

Oregon is home to one national park and 110 state parks.

15. There’s a popular beach here, too!

Cannon Beach is a popular tourist resort in Oregon. It offers remarkable views of the jagged coastal rocks, the largest of these being the Hay Stack Rock (72 meters high).

The beautiful Oregon coast.
The beautiful Oregon coast.

FAQs about Oregon

What’s Oregon best known for?

Oregon is well known for its natural wonders, its amazing landscape, and its place in the wild west legends of old.

What is the state beverage of Oregon?

It’s not alcoholic - it’s milk!

What’s the famous fruit of Oregon?

Oregon is famous for growing pears down in Salem - it’s the state fruit.

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