Bikini Atoll, Marshall islands

18 Masterful Facts About The Marshall Islands

Ever wanted to take an island holiday or vacation somewhere far away and sun kissed? The Marshall Islands always prove to be fairly popular – and this Pacific getaway also has a lot of history behind it, making it all the more fascinating to head to.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at a few fun facts about the Marshall Islands that may just surprise you.

1. There are scores of islands and spots out here.

The Marshall Islands are a group of approximately 1200 islands and islets located in the Pacific Ocean. They are situated close to the Philippines and Hawaii.

2. Hospitality on the islands is incredible!

The Marshall Islands are said to be very hospitable – and enticing to fans of wildlife, too!

3. Climate change is proving to be an issue for the area.

Global warming is a problem for the Marshall islands because they stand at an average of only two meters above sea level.

Flag of Marshall Islands
Flag of Marshall Islands

4. It’s a watersports city!

Swimming, surfing, paddle boarding and diving are all popular activities in the Marshall Islands’ waters. Sailing is also a popular attraction for local residents as well as visitors to the area.

5. Atolls here always pull in the visitors.

The Majuro Atoll is famous for its amazing coral reef, to which tourists, photographers and scientists flock every year.

6. What’s the capital of the Marshall Islands?

The capital city of the Marshall Islands is called Majuro.

7. Want to keep in touch?

The dialing code to call for the Marshall Islands is +692.

8. It’s a small but friendly community!

At last count, the population of the Marshall Islands was 41,569. (2022).

9. What do people speak in the Marshall Islands?

Marshallese and English are the most popular languages spoken there.

Marshall Islands Facts

10. Learn this greeting for the better!

A popular way of greeting long-lost or current friends is by saying; ‘iakwe’.
This translates to ‘you are a rainbow’! It is pronounced ‘yawk-way’!

11. Japan’s influence is felt a lot out here.

Japan had a major influence historically, in the lives of people of the Marshall Islands.

In the 1930s Japan built both naval and air bases there. During World War II, Americans reclaimed land from the Japanese but the fighting saw many casualties.

12. Bikini Atoll is a major tourist pull.

A major attraction for scuba divers is the crystal clear water marine life and sunken ships which can be explored around the coasts. An area known as Bikini Atoll is especially popular for divers.

Bikini Atoll, Marshall islands

13. The Islands may be bigger than you think!

The Marshall Islands measure 181 square kilometers. That is, 70 square miles.

14. No need to change things up!

The currency accepted in the Marshall Islands region is the US dollar!

15. Be sure to keep cool out here!

The temperature in the Marshall Islands is absolutely blisteringly hot! It’s said to reach up to 81 F here on average (27.2 degrees Celsius)- so make sure to bring a fan to cool down with!

interesting facts about the Marshall Islands

16. The Marshall Islands’ exports are fairly varied!

The Marshall Island produces and exports all kinds of things. They produce tomatoes, breadfruit, shells and more!

17. There’s a lot of beach land here!

The coastline, total, across the islands is truly enormous – there are said to be around 181 square km of beaches here – that equates to around 70 square miles!

18. Coral lovers come on down!

The Marshall Islands play host to the biggest atoll on Earth – for coral, anyway! It’s the Kwajalein Atoll.

FAQs about The Marshall Islands

Is it safe to live on the Marshall Islands?

Yes - on the whole! The area’s security risk is said to be fairly low.

Who actually owns the Marshall Islands?

The Marshall Islands remain the property of the US at present.

Can US citizens live and work in the Marshall Islands?

Yes! If you have a US passport, you can freely work and reside here. Great news!

Do you know any fun facts about the Marshall Islands?  Share them in the comments below!

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  • Silk silk says:

    Im inviting you to my kemem a kemim is a marshalese traditional birthday party where we go big ! Traditions include eating sea turtles and allowing guests to take objects such as flip flops and hammocks please come to my kemem 🙂 iakwe

  • Steve says:

    Is it correct that the Marshall Islands are US property? I read about the Packt of Association which suggest they are independent but chose to allow the US to use their islands in return for money.
    And could you please add Celsius to the description? Only a small, small minority speaks in Fahrenheit…

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