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9 Super Facts about Surrey

Surrey is one of the most beautiful counties the UK has to offer! Tourists come from all over to witness the historical spots, try the unique cuisine, and meet the lovely people. But how much do you know about this gorgeous little county? Here are some fun facts about Surrey worth remembering.

1. Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow!

The oldest windmill in all of the United Kingdom is found in Surrey – and it’s still working! It’s the Outwood Windmill, and this hardworking machine has been in operation since the 17th century – in fact, it’s been going since 1665, to be precise.

2. War of the Worlds!

You may have heard of the HG Wells story, “The War of the Worlds.” If you haven’t, the Tom Cruise adaptation may ring more of a bell! Either way, did you know that the original story was set in Surrey? It was based in Horsell, to be more precise!

3. Red carpet elite!

Many famous performers come from Surrey, many of which you’ll likely already know! For example, actors Tom Felton, Lily Collins, Bill Nighy, and Dame Julie Andrews all come from Surrey! There are also famous historical figures such as the author HG Wells and the enigma code genius, Alan Turing.

facts about Surrey
Leith Hill Rd, Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom

4. We didn’t start the fire!… but the dragon might have.

Have you ever heard of the West Clandon dragon? West Clandon is a village in Surrey that was supposedly trapped by a dragon blocking the road. A brave soldier fought the dragon until he freed the village and moved to the area to live out his days. So, in 1977, to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee, a huge chalk dragon was placed on a hillside just outside of the village!

5. The Magna Carta calls Surrey home.

Surrey was also the location of the signing of one of the most important documents in the history of the United Kingdom, the Magna Carta. The document was signed in a meadow in Surrey by King John. The document stated that the monarchy’s powers were now devolved into the government.

6. And we’re rolling!

Believe it or not, Surrey has played host to many big Hollywood movies and TV show productions! Some of the most famous stories to have been filmed here include “Emma,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” “The King’s Man,” “The Witcher,” “Love Actually,” “Gladiator,” and “The Omen.” In the film “The Holiday,” Kate Winslet’s little cottage is supposed to be based in Surrey!

7. The Duke and Duchess of Surrey?

If you know anything about the UK, you might know that most counties commonly have Dukes and or Duchesses. However, Surrey hasn’t had a Duke or a Duchess for centuries! The last Duke of Surrey was Thomas Holland; however, his service ended abruptly. He was beheaded for threatening to betray the King, Henry IV.

8. …and now, perhaps a fuller body!

If you’re a wine lover, you may want to head straight to Surrey! It is the home to the biggest vineyard in the UK – you’ll find it in Dorking, where the bottles are, as they say, “corking!”

9. Ghostbusters 5… based in Surrey?!

Surrey is the perfect vacation spot for lovers of everything paranormal. It’s thought to be rife with ghostly activity! People from all over claim to have seen ghosts on the roads, streets, and even in homes across the villages and towns. Better brace yourself for a fright just in case…

Facts about Surrey
Country House, Surrey

FAQs about Surrey

Is Surrey a part of London?

Surrey is very close to London; the northeastern part of the county is technically found within Greater London. However, it is not considered to be a part of the city overall. It’s easy enough to get to and from the capital via Surrey within an hour or so.

What is Surrey famous for?

Surrey is a popular county in the UK mostly known for its beautiful landscapes, winemaking, historic landmarks, and ghost stories! You should also check out the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - and make sure you take plenty of photos!

Is Harry Potter from Surrey?

Technically, yes, the Harry Potter character does grow up in Surrey in the books! That is to say, when he still lives with his aunt and uncle. And we are very happy to say that most people from Surrey are nothing like Vernon and Petunia!

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