interesting facts about Sierra Leone

16 Spectacular Facts About Sierra Leone

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world and your chances of being crowned the next quiz champion? Why not start with these 16 fun facts about Sierra Leone?

1. Sierra Leone has a famous coast and large neighbors.

Sierra Leone is a small wildlife-rich country in west Africa. It is bordered by Guinea to the north and east and Liberia to the southeast. It also has a coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean to the west.

2. How do you find Sierra Leone?

Whether you’d like to relax on a beautiful sandy beach or explore the luscious green nature reserves that Sierra Leone has to offer, you might want to keep the coordinates 8.4844° N, 13.2344° W handy if you’re travelling independently.

3. The terrain here is very diverse!

Sierra Leone boasts mountains in the east, mangrove swamps to the west and upland plateau throughout the rest of the country.

Flag of Sierra Leone
Flag of Sierra Leone

4. It’s actually pretty small!

The total land area of Sierra Leone is 27,699 square miles (71,740 square kilometers) – that’s slightly smaller than Scotland.

5. It’s densely packed.

Sierra Leone’s population was 8.606 million in 2022 – that’s slightly larger than the population of Scotland.

6. What’s the capital of Sierra Leone?

The capital is Freetown; it covers an area of 138 square miles (357 square kilometers) and had a population of 1,007,000 in 2015.

7. The weather here is either wet or dry – no in between!

Sierra Leoneans enjoy a tropical climate with a wet summer season (May to December), followed by a dry winter season (December to April).

8. It’s a haven for all kinds of beasts.

Wildlife enthusiasts will be excited to learn that Sierra Leone boasts 4 wildlife reserves which are home to a range of wild animals including chimpanzees, buffalos, hippopotamuses, elephants and many diverse species of bird!

9. There’s a big port here named after the British monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II Quayx in Sierra Leone is the world’s third largest natural harbor!

Makeni, Sierra Leone
Makeni, Sierra Leone

10. You probably won’t need a translator here.

The official language of Sierra Leone is English.

11. It was a British territory for a long time!

After more than 150 years of British rule, Sierra Leone gained independence from Great Britain in 1961.

12. Tongue-twisting all the way to the bank!

A bit of a mouthful, the Sierra Leonean Leone is the official currency here.

fun facts about Sierra Leone

13. The life expectancy here is fairly short.

The average life span here is 54.70 years (2019).

14. Sierra Leone has been policed longer than most of its neighbors.

Sierra Leone’s police force was created by the British in 1894, making it one of West Africa’s oldest police forces!

15. Its name has some importance!

The name Sierra Leone is derived from the Portuguese for ‘Lion Mountains’!

Woman carrying her market purchases on her head in Sierra Leone

16. There are lots of things grown in Sierra Leone! Check out some industry facts.

Sierra Leone grows rice, cacao, coffee and palm kernels; they also rear poultry and catch fish.

Its industry consists of diamond mining, tourism, beverage manufacturing, textiles and petroleum refining.

The main exports consist of diamonds, cacao, coffee and rutile (a mineral).

FAQs about Sierra Leone

Is Sierra Leone a poor country?

Regrettably, reports show that nearly two-thirds of people in Sierra Leone live in poverty.

Is Sierra Leone Safe?

Sierra Leone experiences medium to high crime rates, however, it has a reputation for being one of the friendliest nations on the continent.

Does Sierra Leone have lions?

Despite its name, Sierra Leone does not, in fact, have any lions!

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