11 Scintillating Facts about Scientology

Scientology is one of the most controversial religions in the world. Founded back in the 50s, it is also a relatively young organization – some of the world’s most famous celebrities are known for being part of the Scientology church, but what does that mean, and what do the people involved worship and follow? Here are some interesting facts about Scientology to help clue you in.

1. It was founded by a writer.

As mentioned above, Scientology was founded back in the early 1950s. It was created by the noted science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

2. It is not always seen as a religion.

While Scientology is recognized as a religion in some countries, others do not see it that way. In fact, many consider it a commercial enterprise or even a cult. It has garnered controversial press over the years, through documentaries and investigative journalism.

3. It is based on “Dianetics.”

L. Ron Hubbard’s book “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health” is considered the originating text of Scientology. In the book, Hubbard explores the relationship between the mind and body, which helps provide the background for what many Scientologists believe.


4. Scientologists widely use E-Meters.

People involved with Scientology use a device called the E-Meter. It is believed that the device is meant to measure the electrodermal activity of a person and is used in auditing sessions. Auditing, meanwhile, is a form of spiritual counseling where an auditor uses the E-Meter to help individuals address traumas or negative experiences.

5. Scientologists believe they have “thetans.”

In Scientology, the human soul is referred to as a “thetan.” The ultimate goal is to free the thetan from the negative influences of past traumas. To do so, Scientologists progress through different levels of spiritual advancement known as Operating Thetan levels, where they gain higher spiritual awareness and abilities.

6. It is run by the Sea Organisation.

Scientology has a paramilitary-like organization called the Sea Organization (Sea Org) that operates some of its most dedicated and disciplined members. This setup is part of what has gained the Church some infamy over the years.

7. The Church has faced multiple controversies.

The Church of Scientology is the main organization that represents and promotes Scientology. It has faced controversies and legal challenges over the years. For example, it has faced numerous legal battles, including lawsuits against critics, former members, and government agencies. It has also faced criticism and controversies related to its secretive nature, aggressive legal tactics, and allegations of abuse within the organization.

8. It has some very famous members.

As mentioned above, some of the world’s most famous celebrities are known for being Scientologists. For example, Tom Cruise and John Travolta are very vocal supporters of the religion. Many others are rumored to be linked to the Church, but we don’t dabble in rumors here!

Other celebrities, such as actor Leah Remini, have left the Church and have spoken out against its practices.

9. Aliens play a large part in Scientology.

One of the most shocking and controversial aspects of Scientology involves a narrative about an alien overlord named Xenu and the Galactic Confederacy. These aliens are said to be revealed to members at higher levels.


10. Many members disconnect from their loved ones to join the Church.

Scientology also practices a policy known as “disconnection,” where members are encouraged to cut ties with family and friends who are critical of the religion. This is one of the most controversial aspects of the religion.

11. It is tax-exempt.

Another highly controversial aspect of Scientology is the fact that in the US, the Church of Scientology is recognized as a tax-exempt religious organization.


FAQs about Scientology

What do Scientologists believe in?

One of the central beliefs of Scientology is that humans are immortal, spiritual beings that only reside in the physical body. They believe that thetans have countless past lives, including lives led elsewhere than on Earth.

Do Scientologists believe in marriage?

Yes, Scientologists believe that marriage is just one part of the eight dynamics of existence.

What do Scientologists believe about children?

Scientologists believe that children are equal to adults and that any law that adults are subject to, so too should children be.

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