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9 Surprising Facts about School Life

Each of us had a day when we returned from school, threw our backpacks at the door, and said: “I hate school. I will not go there again.” There may be completely different reasons for this. Someone could quarrel with their best friend, and of course, this always seems like a tragedy to us, because with whom we will laugh, discuss a funny video during recess, and whom we will do lessons together.

Someone might get a bad grade, and for those who always try to get only A’s, this is also a reason to be upset. And someone could be assigned 5 additional written works as a punishment for bad behavior. Yes, like any other student, you can always order a paper on WritePaperForMe, but for this, you would need to explain the reason to your parents. For some people, an insurmountable task can become an entrance essay in college, which has not been possible to write for several months. The way out of a situation like this might be obvious: you just need to ask for help from a good service, such as

All such cases can cause negative emotions, but in fact, a lot of interesting things happen at school, and some school traditions around the world can seem amazing to other students. Therefore, if you are suddenly depressed and don’t want to go to school, read this article and learn some interesting facts about school life. Some of them will make you appreciate that you have the possibility to study.

1. Afghanistan

There are still countries where many children cannot go to school. For example, in some regions of Afghanistan, children don’t go to school. First of all, because in some areas there are just not enough schools. The second reason is a lack of transportation and the mountainous landscapes. If you want to study, you will have to walk a lot.  The third reason is the Taliban have recently prevented all girls from going to school!

Afghan children

2. Denmark

Live and learn. That could be the national motto of Denmark. All Danish people, in one way or another, are involved in the educational process during their whole life. They believe the future of their country depends on educated and qualified people. And I think no one can argue with them.

facts about school around the world
Copenhagen University gardens

3. Ethiopia

There are two education systems in Ethiopia. One of them, traditional, is a religious education based on both Christianity and Islam. At the same time, there is also a modern education system.

Ethiopian school facts

4. Canada

Many people will be familiar with the fact that becoming a permanent resident in another country is quite difficult. However, Canada offers international students such an option. If they decide to study in almost any corner of Canada, then in the future, if they wish, they can eventually become permanent residents of this country.

But what is also cool about Canada is that the whole country has a great sense of humor. Did you know that once the Canadian government pranked the students by announcing that they were planning to introduce year-round school by 2017?!

Interesting facts about School Life

5. Norway

This might sound really strange, but private schools were illegal in Norway until 2005. Only private religious institutions were permitted or pedagogic alternatives. But after the law was abolished, private schools started to appear.

School building

6. Poland

In Poland, students can stay at school for a long time. Of course, they don’t study as long as the Danish, but if an ordinary Polish student stays in school from the earliest to the latest level, they will stay in education for 22 years.

7. France

In France, they have really long lunch breaks. But this also means that they spend a really long time at school. Schoolchildren in France don’t even bring lunch from home. They have enough time, 2 hours actually, to have their lunch in a cafeteria near the school or just go home and eat it there. But it’s really difficult to imagine how they manage to force themselves to go back to school after lunch at home.

A Canadian school class

8. China

I guess everyone has heard the opinion that the Chinese system of education is one of the greatest in the world. And it actually doesn’t matter whether we talk about languages, math, or science. But have you ever asked yourself why so many Chinese kids are so keen on math? The answer is actually really easy – they are forbidden to use a calculator!  Instead, pupils have to use their brains to try to solve all the math problems themselves, and that’s how they become math geniuses.

Chinese school girls walking to school

9. Finland

In most cases when students in the USA want to go to college, their parents are getting ready to pay for their education. But in Finland, the government pays students if they go to university. So the student can expect to have a monthly allowance of around 500 euros, and many students consider it to be a great motivation.

An envelope full of Euros

Do you know any fun facts about school life? Share them in the comments below!

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