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10 Nifty Facts about Nevada State

From casinos and magic shows to wild horses and deserts, Nevada sure has a lot to offer! It is arguably one of the most famous states in the US, and with good reason! The Silver State has had a rich history and is making plenty more every day. But how much do you know about this incredible state? Here are some fun facts about Nevada!

1. I’ll take a shrimp cocktail!

The famous city of Las Vegas is known for its big lights, shows, and gambling, but did you know that it also has a bit of a fishy secret? The visitors and inhabitants of Las Vegas consume about 22 million pounds of shrimp every year! That is more per capita than any other city in the country and in the entire world!

2. The state symbols are flighty and spiky.

The Nevada state bird is the Mountain Bluebird. The state flower is the sagebrush. That’s right, the big spiky plants you see in films in the desert!

3. It’s raining… Well, actually, it’s not.

Nevada only gets about 10.2 inches of rain every year on average. With this amount, Nevada is the driest state in the whole of the US! So, if you’re worried about your Las Vegas trip being rained on, don’t! The city only gets about 4.2 inches of rain per year!

Facts of Nevada
The Nevada State Flag

4. Tourists flock from all around.

Nevada receives a lot of tourists each year thanks to cities such as Reno, Boulder City, and, of course, Las Vegas. In fact, it was reported that Las Vegas received a whopping 42.5 million visitors in 2019!

5. The economy isn’t completely reliant on tourism.

Tourism isn’t the only major player in the Nevada economy, however. The state also relies on agriculture, mining, and entertainment. And, with world-class performers bringing tourists in from all over the world to Las Vegas, it’s no wonder that entertainment is so important to their economy!

6. High and dry!

With over 150 ranges, Nevada is also known for having the most mountain ranges in the whole of the United States. The highest range reaches a peak of 11,788 feet.

7. Many famous people call Nevada home.

Nevada has also brought us some of today’s most famous celebrities, including actor Matthew Grey Gubler, singer and lead member of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers, and pawn shop aficionado Corey Harrison.

8. It achieved statehood around the middle of all the territories.

Nevada officially became the 36th state of the United States in 1864. Its capital city is Carson City, and its common abbreviation is NV.

9. The Silver State!

Nevada is also commonly known as the “Silver State”. It gained this nickname back in 1859 when there was a migration boom in the area due to the recent discovery of silver.

Fun Facts about Nevada

10. Forever in blue jeans!

We also have Nevada to thank for some of our favorite items of clothing, our jeans! Blue jeans were invented by Jacob Davis in Reno, Nevada, during the 19th Century.

FAQs about Nevada

What is Nevada famous for?

Nevada is famous for its incredible desert landscapes and vibrant nightlife. It is particularly well-known for its world-famous city, Las Vegas! This state also has a rich history and plenty of events every year to make it worth a visit!

Is Nevada a warm state?

Nevada is certainly a warm state! In fact, it is one of the warmest areas in the whole of the United States! The temperatures vary from about 27º Fahrenheit in the winter to about 90º Fahrenheit in the summer.

What is the coldest month in Nevada?

The cold season in Nevada lasts for just over three months. It usually lasts from about November to February. The coldest month is usually December, with an average low temperature of about 39º Fahrenheit and at its warmest about 58º Fahrenheit.

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