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12 Magnificent Facts about Micronesia

Micronesia – tiny by name, tiny by nature? If this small archipelago nation has avoided your radar up until now, we’re here to help provide you with stacks of information for that next pub quiz. Here are some fun facts about Micronesia you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. Where is Micronesia?

The Federated States of Micronesia is an archipelago country in the western Pacific Ocean. It is made up of more than 600 islands and little islets!

2. OK – so how big is it?

The clue’s in the name – it’s pretty small. Micronesia covers an area of 702 km2, or 271 square miles! The largest island of the archipelago is Pohnpei, which is also home to the country’s capital city, Palikir.

3. A micro population!

As of 2021, 113,131 people were living in Micronesia. To give you a sense of scale, that’s less than 0.01% of the population of New York City!

4 stars on a blue background - the Flag of Micronesia
Flag of Micronesia

4. Who does Micronesia belong to?

It can get a little complicated explaining which countries the Micronesia islands belong to, so hold on tight; it’s going to be a complex ride!

Most of Micronesia is made up of independent states. However, certain islands belong to the US Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth (and are general US territories). For example, the Federated States of Micronesia is independent, as are Kiribati, Nauru, Palau, and the Marshalls. On the other hand, Guam and Wake Island are US territories. Hope that’s not caused any headaches!

5. Can you visit Micronesia?

Yes, you can visit Micronesia! In fact, it is a particularly popular tourist destination, notably thanks to the incredible dive spots – be sure to head out here if you’re keen to spot some rare marine life.

6. What is the climate like in Micronesia?

Micronesia has a tropical climate. This means that pretty much throughout the year, it’s relatively warm, with plenty of rain and sunshine! The perfect place for a vacation – grab your scuba gear!

7. Is it worth learning a language to visit?

Micronesia is a polyglot nation – thanks to the many different cultural influences, multiple languages are spoken throughout the area. English is commonly spoken, as is Chuuk, Ponapean, Kosraean, and Yapese!

8. It’s a Christian nation (though not technically so).

While there is no official religion in Micronesia, many of the inhabitants are Christian. Among the Christians, there is a predominant number of Protestants and members of the Roman Catholic Church.

9. Any need to change the money up?

The official currency in Micronesia is the US dollar. That’s great news if you’re traveling and don’t have time to exchange your money!

facts about Micronesia

10. Micronesia actually has lots to give to the world.

As small as Micronesia may appear, it is something of a major exporter! Some of its main exports include fish filets, planes, helicopters, scrap iron, garments, bananas, and black pepper. You could be helping its industries and not even realize it.

11. What about neighbors?

Since Micronesia is an archipelago, it does not have to worry about loud neighbors! Its closest nations include Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines.

12. No need for arms!

An interesting fact about Micronesia is that it has no armed forces! That is because it is under the US’ responsibility, and it is therefore up to the US to protect it.

A manta ray in the seas in Micronesia
Micronesia is home to many incredible SCUBA diving sites

FAQs about Micronesia

Is Micronesia part of the United States?

Some parts of Micronesia are indeed US territories. To be more specific, they are part of the Northern Mariana Islands (US Commonwealth).

Are citizens of Micronesia US citizens?

No, technically speaking, citizens of Micronesia are not considered to be US citizens or even US nationals. That’s despite the fact you can spend US money here without complaint!

Do you need a visa to visit Micronesia?

If you live in the US, then you will be glad to know that you do not need a visa to visit Micronesia! As long as you have a valid passport, you have all you need to visit and discover this incredible archipelago.

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