20 Interesting and Exciting Facts About Equatorial Guinea

  1. Equatorial Guinea is a small country on the west coast of central Africa.
  2. It is bordered by Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the east and south. To the west lies the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. The coordinates for Equatorial Guinea are 1.5000° N, 10.0000°
  4. The total land area of this beautiful country is 10,831 square miles (28,051 square kilometres).
  5. Equatorial Guinea’s population was 1.268 million in 2017.
  6. The capital is Malabo, which is actually situated on Bioko island and not on the mainland, has a population of 297,000 (2018).
  7. The average life span here is 57.68 years (2016).
  8. Equatorial Guinea enjoys a tropical, hot and humid climate with little temperature variation, so make sure you pack your shorts!
  9. The terrain here features large coastal plains with gorgeous sandy beaches, contrasting with the wonderful inland hills. Oh how we want to explore!
  10. The residents here have the highest literacy rate of the entire Sub-Saharan Africa.
  11. Equatorial Guinea’s name comes from its proximity to both the equator and the Gulf of Guinea.
  12. Spanish, Portuguese and French are the official languages of Equatorial Guinea – that’s quite a range!
  13. Central African Franc (CFA (we’d want to call it CAF too!)) is the currency to keep in your pocket if you visit here… especially if you want to partake in a spot of cocktail drinking on one of the beaches!
  14. It’s the smallest African country that’s a member of the United Nations.
  15. Monte Alen National Park is a protected tropical forest that provides a haven to gorillas, leopards, elephants, chimpanzees and crocodiles, to name but a few! We like this, a lot!
  16. Sculpture and mask making is a tradition here. We’d love to bring back some masks from our travels here…
  17. Equatorial Guinea grows coffee, rice, cocoa and yams, rears livestock and produces timber – bet the coffee’s good here!
  18. Its industry consists of petroleum, fishing, natural gas and saw-milling.
  19. It also exports petroleum, methanol, cacao and timber.
  20. The international dialling code for Equatorial Guinea is +240.

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