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19 Exhilarating Facts about Ecuador

Have you found yourself spending a lot of your time in this beautiful country? Maybe a friend or loved one has immigrated and you’ve been left wondering about the local history and geographical facts? Take a look at these 19 interesting facts about Ecuador to brush up on your knowledge!

Geographical stats…

  1. Ecuador is a highly biodiverse country which straddles the equator in South America.
  2. In fact, it is actually named after the equator! Republica del Ecuador literally means ‘Republic of the Equator’.
  3. It is bordered by Colombia to the north and Peru to the east and south. It also has a coastline along the Pacific Ocean to the west.
  4. Heading off to the jungle for a Ray Mears style adventure? Head for the coordinates of 0.1500° S, 78.3500° W to land yourself in Ecuador!
  5. The terrain here varies wildly throughout the country. There is a flat-to-rolling eastern jungle, flowing into inter-Andean central highlands and into a delightful coastal plain.

Flag of Ecuador

  1. The total land area of Ecuador is 109,483 square miles (283,560 square kilometres)…
  2. …that’s slightly larger than the UK.
  3. Ecuador’s population was 17.08 million in 2018…
  4. …that’s less than 1/4 of the UK population!
  5. Believe it or not, the residents here are known as Ecuadorians.
  6. The capital is Quito; it covers an area of 125 square miles (324 square kilometres) and had a population of 1.7 million in 2015.
  7. Ecuadorians enjoy a tropical climate along both the coast and in the Amazonian jungle lowlands; it becomes cooler in the central highlands.

Social intricacies

  1. Want to speak the local lingo? You’ll need to become fluent in Spanish!
  2. To purchase your Jugos (delicious fruit juices), exchange your GBP for United States Dollar, the official currency here.
  3. Looking to import your car here? It’ll need to be less than a year old, otherwise it won’t be allowed in!
  4. The average life span in Ecuador is 71 years.

facts about Ecuador

Industry insights…

  1. Ecuador grows bananas, cacao, coffee, rice and balsa wood; they also rear cattle and catch fish.
  2. Its industry consists of petroleum, food processing, textiles and metal work.
  3. Ecuador also exports petroleum, bananas, shrimp, cacao and coffee.

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