Laos fun facts

interesting facts about Laos
17 Jan

17 Lovely Facts About Laos

Fancy boosting your knowledge of this truly fascinating country? Take a look at these 17 fun facts about Laos! 1. Laos is pretty unique. Laos is a mountainous, landlocked country in Southeast Asia. In fact, it is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia! 2. Laos has been independent since 1954. Previously under French rule, Laos …
interesting facts about the Mekong
10 Dec

11 Riveting Facts About The Mekong River

Flowing right through the heart of Southeast Asia and six different countries, the Mekong River is one of the world’s greatest waterways. It’s home to a wide range of unique wildlife, cultures and landscapes. Ready to whet your appetite for knowledge? Here’s a few fun facts about The Mekong River: 1. The Mekong is pretty …
fun facts about asia
28 Mar

38 Amazing Facts About Asia

Asia is easily the biggest continent on the planet, which of course means it’s likely to hold more of everything! That also means you’re likely to get more out of Asia in terms of facts and figures than any other land mass on Earth. This, of course, makes it a prime candidate for a fact …