Energy fun facts

batteries header
30 Oct

10 Powerful Facts about Batteries

We all use batteries on most days! From our TV remotes and toys to smoke detectors and even our car keys, it’s hard to deny how useful these portable power providers have become over the decades. Batteries effectively let us take electricity on the move – something millions of us take for granted if you …
solar energy storage
6 Jun

10 Sunny Facts about Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries are becoming increasingly prevalent in homes, businesses, and even our vehicles! They’re super-efficient systems for distributing energy and offer eco-friendly ways to keep our homes, businesses, and vehicles running. However, for a while, solar panels seemed to be lacking a way to store excess energy that we could use on cloudier days – …
facts about electricity
29 Mar

10 Electric Facts about Electricity

We all need electricity. It has become as vital as air to us in this modern age! Everything runs on electricity, including our own bodies! Yet, how much do you know about the flow of electrical charge? Here are some super fun facts about electricity! 1. Are you getting any static? If you have had …
Oil Rig in the sea
12 Mar

10 Organic Facts about Crude Oil

Oil is one of the most valuable natural resources in the world, and it plays a critical role in powering modern society. From fueling transportation to heating homes and generating electricity, oil is used in countless ways in our daily lives. Despite its importance, many people know very little about this fascinating substance. Let’s take …
interesting facts about carbon
13 Jan

11 Confounding Facts about Carbon

Carbon is one of the most important elements for all living beings. It helps atoms bind together to make virtually everything… us, animals, plants, rocks, and even plastics.  Here are some fun facts about carbon to crack into! 1. Carbon is… pretty much everywhere, actually. Carbon is one of the most abundant elements in the …
facts about hoover dam
5 Apr

11 Decent Facts About The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is more than just a water blockade named after a US President – millions depend on it for fresh water and energy supply! This magnificent feat of engineering really is astonishing up close – and it’s one of the best-known man-made marvels of the 20th century. Here are a few fun facts …
facts about the wind
22 Dec

14 Willowy Facts About The Wind

We’ve all felt the wind blow at one time or another – but how much do you actually know about this weather phenomenon? Do you know what causes the wind, or how you can measure it? Right here, we’ll take a look at some fun facts about the wind, and all the science behind it! …
interesting facts about solar energy
10 Dec

9 Sunny Facts About Solar Energy

The way in which the world uses power is always changing. For decades, we’ve been dependent on fossil fuels. That is, fuel which comes from our oceans and from the ground. However, major pushes to go greener – and to look for sources of renewable fuel – have been picking up in a big way. …
interesting facts about Nuclear Energy
26 Oct

12 Interesting Facts About Nuclear Energy

There are many different ways to generate power.  While there is a growing focus on clean energy and renewable sources, nuclear power is commonly used all over the world. There are plenty of facts and figures we should all pay attention to when it comes to nuclear energy and power, and we’re here to share …
fun facts about wiindmills
18 Apr

15 Fun Facts About Windmills

The increase in consumption and price of non–renewable energy has encouraged people to look into alternative, clean fuels that can meet our energy needs. Wind energy is one of these alternative sources. Below are 15 fun facts about windmills. 1. The windmill is an ancient creation. Persia and China were the first to develop windmills, …