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healthy lifestyle
20 Sep

How to Start a Healthier Lifestyle: Simple Tips and Tricks

Embarking on a healthier lifestyle hinges on informed choices about diet and physical activity. From prioritizing nutrient-rich foods to understanding the benefits of walking and sports, each decision impacts our well-being. Dive into our guide for essential tips to kickstart your health journey. Basics of a Healthy Lifestyle A healthy lifestyle revolves around choices promoting …
Garlic header
3 Sep

10 Aromatic Facts about Garlic

Who doesn’t love garlic in their food? Ok – not everyone. But for those who do, it adds such a unique, strong, and interesting flavor! Does our breath smell bad afterward? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Every time. Not to mention, this incredible food also deters vampires! But how much do you know about this …
fun facts about onions
26 Jun

8 Amazing Facts about Onions

Onions are a staple everywhere in the world. They’re packed full of flavor, nutrients, and potential. They’re an unsung superfood that doesn’t nearly get enough attention or recognition, despite being a frequent ingredient in many dishes. It’s not as exotic as some of the other superfoods out there, nor is it as interesting for bloggers …
facts about Celiac Disease
21 Jun

10 Telling Facts on Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a common condition that affects people all around the world – awareness of the disease has led to an increase in gluten-free foods and menu options far and wide. As a condition that affects millions across the continents, it’s surprising that it remains such a mystery to so many. With that in …
water fasting
2 Aug

10 Interesting Facts about the Intermittent Fasting Diet

Intermittent fasting seems to be the latest dieting trend that’s sweeping the globe! But, how much do you really know about this kind of fast? Is it safe – and how long should you do it for? Let’s take a look at these ten fun facts about the intermittent fasting diet! 1. What is intermittent …
interesting facts about rationing
1 Jun

9 Less Than Fun Facts about Rationing

In times of dire need, we must be mindful about what we consume, including how much. Rationing is a term which applied during wartime to help ensure that everyone had enough access to food and necessary supplies. However, it can also apply during any time of crisis. Rationing can come into effect when there are …
facts on peanut butter
24 Mar

11 Nutty Facts About Peanut Butter Nutrition

Being one of the most popular spreads, peanut butter is loved around the world. The texture comes in two varieties – smooth or crunchy – either way, it tastes delicious! However, how familiar are you with the nutritional aspects? Here are some fun facts about peanut butter you need to know! 1. Peanut butter is …
Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts
23 Mar

11 Super Facts About Sweet Potatoes

Take a look at these fun facts about sweet potatoes and their nutrition and learn what super-food this yummy root is! 1. Just to clear things up… They’re not the same thing as yams, okay? 2. Know how to store them properly? Sweet potatoes don’t need to go in the fridge. In fact, they last …
nutrition facts about fruit
27 Feb

14 Fun Nutrition Facts about Fruit

We’ve all heard that we should be eating more fresh fruit and vegetables each day. After all, it’s natural to eat, well, naturally! However, some people worry that the natural sugars found in fruit may be offsetting to specific diets they may be on. We’re here to help dispel a few myths about fruit, as …
nutrition facts for grapes
11 Feb

9 Great Facts About Grapes

Grapes are diverse and tasty fruit! However, as with most fruits, they are also packed full of sugar. Therefore, a diet spent munching grapes or purely drinking wine might not be the best for you! That being said, there are actually plenty of fun facts about grapes and their nutrition which might well impress you. …
michelle francisca lee 28K hb0r sM unsplash
30 Jan

12 Striking Facts About Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the best-loved blooms on the planet. They are a sign of happiness and that warm weather is on the way! Of course, they are often the subjects of many paintings and photos, too. But how much do you really know about the humble sunflower? It’s time to check out these fun …
interesting facts about fast food
17 Dec

9 Salty Facts About Fast Food

It’s easy to assume that the fast-food industry is in decline due to the trend of ‘clean eating’ in the last 10 years or so. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as fast food is not only alive but thriving! Here are a few fun facts on fast food that prove this industry …
nutrition facts for eggs
14 Dec

13 Cracking Facts About Eggs

Eggs remain some of the most versatile foods around. You can scramble them, boil them, fry them, griddle them – you name it! Some people even eat them raw, but it’s not always a good idea! The fact is, eggs are hugely nutritious and can be used in a variety of recipes and dishes. Therefore, …
Breakfast Foods That Help Weight Loss
1 Dec

5 Breakfast Foods That Help Weight Loss

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the truth is that in many ways, it is! When it comes to weight loss, a lot of people assume that abandoning the cereal and the toast and fasting through the morning is the way to go, and for some people, …
Keto Food Diet Facts
9 Nov

14 Delicious Facts About Ketogenic Diets

It can seem like there’s a million and one different diet plans out there! However, not all diets and nutrition plans work for everyone – we’re all different in terms of metabolism and the ways in which our bodies process nutrients and calories. However, a ketogenic diet is one which has gathered lots of interest …