Water fun facts

Baja, Gulf of California
11 Apr

10 Capable Facts about the Gulf of California

What is it about the Gulf of California that fascinates so many people? This wonderful, watery landmark is one of the most important natural wonders of North America – and in this fact file, we’ll take you through everything you need to know. Here are some fun facts about the Gulf of California to get …
cracked soil brought about by drought
22 Mar

10 Devastating Facts About Drought

Drought is no laughing matter – when you’re without water, you’re in trouble. However, droughts can occur all over the world, and sadly, they can affect millions of people and animals alike. This phenomenon isn’t always easy to predict, though the work of the International Space Station is helping us to understand more and more …
rainbow 1909 1920
13 Jun

17 Revealing Facts About Rainbows

Rainbows disappear as quickly and as mysteriously as they appear. They are used as symbols for different causes and companies around the globe, and are seen as a symbol of health, happiness and honor. So how are these etherial optical effects formed and how do they disappear without a trace? What historic tales of leprechauns …
facts about water
17 Mar

36 Whimsical Facts About Water

Water is one of the most important substances on Earth. It’s in all living things, whether they live at the bottom of the ocean or the driest desert. Life on Earth as we know it and cherish it today couldn’t be possible without water. Water is essential and it bounds together all living things in …
facts about the mariana trench
5 Mar

25 Mega Facts About The Mariana Trench

Is there anywhere as deep or as majestic as the Mariana Trench? This colossal expanse of oceanic mystery has been the source of multiple deep sea investigations over the years, and as such, it’s still regarded as one of the most fascinating sources of diverse marine life. To this day, explorers are continuing to scale …