Volleyball fun facts

a volleyball match on the beach
10 Mar

10 Verifiable Facts about Volleyball

Volleyball is a game you can enjoy indoors and outdoors – which means if you’re not a fan of the beach, you can still set up an indoor net and get spiking! However, there’s likely more to this preppy sport than you might imagine. Here are some fun facts about volleyball well worth keeping in …
interesting facts about Massachusetts
14 Aug

10 Most Interesting Facts about Massachusetts

Massachusetts – officially named the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – is one of the most historically-rich states in the USA. Located on the East Coast, this state is home to some of the most important inventions we all use each and every day. Want to know more? Let’s dive into some fun facts about Massachusetts. 1. …
interesting facts about Sri Lanka
19 Aug

16 Sunny Facts About Sri Lanka

Is a loved one moving to this island or have you always fancied living on its sandy shores? Take a look at these fun facts about Sri Lanka to see how well your local knowledge fares! 1. Sri Lanka once went by a different name. Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is a small tropical …
interesting facts about the Olympics
11 Apr

19 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Olympics

The Olympics is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the world, an undertaking that happens every four years which tests the mettle of athletes from all over the planet. If all you know about the Olympics is the schedule and the countries that have hosted the games in recent times, the following fun …