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17 Oct

11 Valuable Facts About Venus

Venus is one of Earth’s neighbors in our relatively small solar system – but that doesn’t mean it’s close by! This hot planet isn’t likely to welcome human visitors just yet, but we can at least learn more about it from afar. If you’re a big fan of astronomy and want to know more about …
Fun Facts about Sputnik
14 Mar

12 Out Of This World Facts about Sputnik 1

In 1957, the world was changed forever with the launch of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to be sent into space. This achievement by the Soviet Union marked the beginning of the Space Age and sparked fierce competition between the US and the USSR in the realm of space exploration. Here are 12 fascinating facts …
Facts about gravity
24 Jun

14 Great Facts about Gravity

If there’s one thing that keeps us all grounded, it’s gravity! Earth’s gravitational pull is truly fascinating – and without it, we’d all be floating off into space. Here’s some fun facts about gravity that might just impress you! 1. Planets orbit each other thanks to this mysterious force. Planets orbit around the sun because …
cape canaveral facts
11 Jan

16 Cracking Facts About Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is an American city on the west coast of Florida. However, you’ll likely know it best for its connections with space travel and its fantastic coastline! Here are some fun facts about Cape Canaveral worth strapping in for. 1. Where exactly is Cape Canaveral, anyway? It is in the county of West Brevard …
20 Dec

12 Captivating Facts About Comets

Comets have fascinated humankind for centuries. While some people worshipped them, others feared them. But that was back when they held so much mystery. Today, astronomical research has stripped a lot of the intrigue surrounding comets away.
Satellite image of Mercury
1 Nov

12 Interesting Facts About The Planet Mercury

How much do you know about Mercury? The first in our solar system and surprisingly toasty, this planet has fascinated mankind for centuries! While it’s the smallest planet in our little line-up, it’s also the closest to the Sun – and while bits of Earth can get pretty warm sometimes, it’s nothing compared to the …
Fun Facts about Saturn
20 Oct

16 Spectacular Facts About Saturn

Saturn is one of the most recognizable planets in our solar system. Even if you’ve never spotted it through a telescope before, chances are you’ll know it well as ‘that one with the rings’! It’s also one of the biggest celestial bodies in our galaxy, and one of the most mysterious. Want to learn more …
facts about meteorites
9 Oct

18 Mesmerizing Facts About Meteorites

Have you ever watched a meteor shower streak across the sky at night? When a meteor enters the Earth’s atmosphere it can glow even brighter than the planet Venus! Looking for some information about these otherworldly rocks? Here’s 18 fun facts about meteorites… 1. They’re all different! Meteoroid, meteor, and meteorite have different classifications according …
The Big Bang
8 Sep

19 Brilliant Facts About The Big Bang Theory

Why are we here? What’s the meaning of life? Where are we all heading to? Of course, these are all huge questions to ask. While many people look to faith and religion for answers, many also look towards science for physical evidence as to how our universe first began. The fact is, even decades on …
Facts about the Hubble Telescope
5 Sep

30 Heavenly Facts About The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is the first sophisticated optical observatory placed into orbit around Earth. It’s entirely above the atmosphere and receives images of much greater brightness, clarity, and detail than ground-based telescopes with comparable optics. Far above the clouds, light pollution, and atmospheric distortions, Hubble has a crystal-clear view of the universe. Scientists …
facts about stars
12 Aug

13 Spectacular Facts About The Stars

Whenever you look up at night sky, you’re likely to see thousands of glittering stars hanging in the dark. Stars are many light years away, meaning that we may never hope to reach them. We’ve mapped them to help understand our universe and to navigate Earth. Are you fascinated by the night sky and its …
Facts about the Solar System
10 Aug

14 Super Facts About The Solar System

Is our Solar System the centre of the universe, a few grains of sand on an entire beach, or simply the very limit of what we know about space? Take a look at these 13 fun facts about the Solar System to answer those questions… 1. There’s a fiery moon out there. Jupiter has a …
Facts about Apollo 11
5 Aug

11 Amazing Facts About Apollo 11

Apollo 11 is probably the most iconic space mission ever. It’s been featured in more movies than you could watch in a lifetime, and the truth is even weirder than you might think. Here’s eleven interesting facts about Apollo 11. 1. Kennedy didn’t have his heart set on the heavens. JFK told the head of …
interesting facts about NASA
5 Jun

17 Extraordinary Facts About NASA

NASA is the independent space agency of the USA government that was responsible for sending man to the moon.  Here are 18 fun facts about NASA for you to learn: 1. What does NASA stand for, anyway? NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 2. NASA wasn’t the first space agency. NASA’s predecessor was …
Storm Troopers, Star Wars
13 Apr

17 Out Of This World Facts About Star Wars

Love it or hate it, Star Wars is a movie franchise that’s grown beyond its humble origins.  The original space opera has amassed billions of dollars over the years, thanks not only to ticket sales but also merchandising, toys, TV shows and more.  There is clearly something about this saga that speaks to the wider …