Meerkats fun facts

facts about the mongoose
7 Nov

13 Magnificent Facts about Mongoose

Mongooses look cute, but are also fearless when it comes to protecting their young! While their names may make them sound like birds, mongooses are feisty mammals that aren’t afraid of putting up a fight. Here are some fun facts about mongooses you may want to remember. 1. Mongooses, or mongoose? Though sometimes mistakenly used, …
fun facts about meerkats
10 Aug

16 Magical Facts About Meerkats

Meerkats. Animals made famous in the United Kingdom with very stereotypical Russian accents, encouraging viewers to visit a certain price comparison site. Today our prime focus is on real-life meerkats: Think Africa, not Russia, less lavish mansions, more sandy deserts and incoherent barks. These fun facts about Meerkats will shine a light on these mysterious …