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fun facts about sea lions
22 Feb

13 Fun-Loving Facts about Sea Lions

Ever confused sea lions with seals?  Don’t worry – millions of people have done the exact same thing!  However, these loveable critters are pretty different from their cousins, despite also being whiskered, water-loving mammals. But what are some fun facts about sea lions you may not necessarily know about?  Let’s open up our fact file …
whale jumping out the water
2 Feb

12 Wonderful Facts About Whales

Whales are some of the most majestic creatures gracing the Earth to this day! These giant mammals are true leviathans of the sea, often swallowing up anything they can find as they glide through the waters. However, there’s likely to be more about whales than you might initially imagine. Yes – they’re big, bold, and …
squid underwater
28 Jan

19 Slippery Facts About Squid

Squids are seriously odd sea creatures – and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! There may be a lot about the humble squid you don’t already know. These aquatic beasts deserve our respect – so here are some fun facts about squids you might want to remember the next time you take to …
pinniped swimming
28 Jan

15 Super-Cute Facts About Seals

Seals are sweet-looking creatures – these mammals are often referred to as the ‘dogs of the sea’! They are amazing swimmers and are super-photogenic – but there’s a lot more to these flipper-ed friends than they let on. Let’s clue up on some fun facts about seals to see how much you know. 1. They …
catfish in night mode
19 Jan

14 Cunning Facts about Catfish

The catfish is a curious beast – hence the name! While the term is popularly used to describe an unscrupulous online dating technique these days, catfish themselves have fascinated marine biologists for decades. With the following fun facts about catfish, you’re about to find out why – so let’s dive in. 1. The cat’s whiskers! …
a smiling stingray
18 Jan

15 Stunning Facts About Stingrays

Stingrays – deadly or delightful? These fascinating marine animals really can pack an electric punch – but there’s more to them than just a simple sting in the tail. Here are some fun facts about stingrays that might just help you in a quiz or two… 1. They have famous family members. Stingrays are fish …
facts about manatees
16 Oct

16 Marvellous Facts About Manatees

Sometimes referred to as sea cows, manatees are funny-looking beasts – all blubber and slightly egg-shaped! However, the manatee is one of the most fascinating critters you’ll find beneath the water. Slow and steady, they appear cuddly and cute – but what else are they known for? Take a look at these fun facts about …
Basking shark
4 Sep

11 Barmy Facts About Basking Sharks

Basking sharks are enormous, though they aren’t exactly the huge, toothy creatures you’d imagine them to be. In fact, while they do have plenty of teeth, they don’t actually use them to eat, if at all. They have huge, gaping mouths, which they use to scoop up and swallow prey. They are known as filter …
fun facts about sea turtles
1 Sep

11 Sensational Facts About Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are some of the most majestic living things to ever grace our oceans.  But how much do we actually know about these graceful creatures?  They are some of the most closely-preserved animals on the planet, and are truly fascinating in their behavior – here’s some fascinating facts about sea turtles to help clue …
facts about sharks
6 Aug

28 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Sharks

Often misunderstood as terrifying monsters, sharks are being hunted close to extinction yet they’re vital to the health of our oceans. Here’s some interesting facts about sharks to help you appreciate them better… 1. Sharks are amazingly hardy. Sharks have survived 5 mass extinctions including the one that killed the dinosaurs. 2. There are likely …