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Royal Mail header
1 Sep

10 Reliable Facts about the Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is one of the most important British institutions – it’s responsible for tirelessly delivering and sending mail for people all over the country, come rain or shine (and in the UK, it’s definitely mostly rain!). So, we think it’s high time we all learn a little more about this incredible service. Here …
facts about voip communication
28 Jun

10 Reliable Facts about VoIP Communication

In this modern age, how many of us still really use a landline? Even in our places of work, the internet has seemingly taken over – and with good reason! VoIP, in particular, has proven to be a great way of dealing with business calls on a daily basis. But what is VoIP? Here are …
facts about 5g
11 Jun

10 Interesting Facts about 5G Network

If you own a smartphone or tablet, there’s a good chance you’re already acquainted with the 5G network! Standing for the ‘5th generation’ in network connectivity, 5G has already broken records worldwide in terms of speed and capability. While it may not be available everywhere just yet, 5G is already making a huge difference to …
facts about the BBC
24 Apr

11 Brilliant Facts About The BBC

The BBC – otherwise known as the British Broadcasting Company – is one of the oldest and longest-standing broadcasting enterprises still standing. For around a century, the company and its network of programming, from TV to radio and digital formats, has entertained millions around the world – not just on home soil! The Beeb, or …
interesting facts about freephone numbers
6 Apr

14 Interesting Facts About Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers don’t just benefit people who call them – they can be fantastic for businesses, too! If you run your own business, you might just find that you get more calls than a little if your telephone number is free to dial! Let’s take a look at a few fun facts about toll-free numbers …
interesting facts about the internet
12 Mar

16 Interesting Facts About The Internet

Used by billions of people all around the world, the internet is a technological ‘wunderkind’. It has changed our ways of communication and perception of the world. What seemed far and unreachable now is within our reach. It’s changed the way we live, work, socialise, and educate ourselves. It has its positive and negative sides …