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10 Interesting Professions You Will Love Getting Paid To Work In

Working is an essential part of human life. It helps us structure our lives, gives us personal and social identities, and allows us to get money, which can be used to access life necessities. The primary reason many people work is the last one mentioned, to make money. Due to the need to work before paying bills, many people are doing jobs that do not interest them. Statistics show that over 60% of people in the US are not passionate about their jobs, while 19% are miserable. Only about 30% of people are happy with their jobs.

The statistics listed above are not really impressive. People who are unhappy at their jobs can’t get fulfilled. On the other hand, loving your career can make you productive and happy and reduce stress. Also, being passionate about your career can improve your career growth rate.

While different things make people love their jobs, some jobs are just interesting. Even though some of these jobs can be demanding, they are easy to find once you know your way around it. For instance, you can find more interesting jobs on Jooble.

In this regard, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to enlighten you on 10 interesting professions you will love getting paid to work in. Let’s explore more.

10 Well-paying jobs that are fun

Different things define different careers for individuals. However, you need to find the job interesting to be happy and fulfilled doing it. Also, the profession should appeal to you and not stress you.
Some professions are generally interesting. This may come from the fact that they encourage varieties and can likely not get dull easily. What is more? Some of them pay well!

1. Acting

What can be more interesting than being someone else every time? Acting is an exciting and profitable job. It allows you to take action and can also shoot you into popularity. Also, acting can be done by people of any age and doesn’t necessarily need much education.

However, you should consider attending an acting school or getting a university diploma or an associate diploma if you want to act professionally. Acting also comes with popularity which can be enjoyable but can also be burdening as you will constantly be under the social light.

Be a paid actor

2. Photography

Photography is a challenging career, but it comes with its own perks. A photographer takes pictures, helping people document things for future purposes. There are different types of photography, and how much fun you will have at work can depend on the one you choose. For instance, wildlife photography includes lots of traveling and being near nature. A person that loves nature and wildlife can find this fun.

3. Game Designer

Game designing is a job in tech. As much as it involves technical skills, which can be intense, it also encourages creativity and fun. Another reason game design is exciting is that it can be easily done remotely. This means you can work from anywhere you want and choose your own workspace.

4. Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is undeniably one of the most interesting professions you will absolutely love getting paid to work in. It combines the chance of embarking on thrilling adventures while traveling with the fulfillment of providing essential healthcare services. As a travel nurse, you can work in different cities, states, or even countries, allowing you to immerse yourself in new cultures and environments.
Moreover, this career offers a range of enticing benefits, including competitive salaries, travel allowances and even furnished housing for travel nurses, allowing you to feel at home while on assignment.

5. Wine Taster/Brewmaster

What can be more fun than tasting varieties of wine without spending a dime to buy them and getting paid for it? Wine tasting is a job that is interesting and easy. You do not need a university degree to become a wine taster. However, some certificate courses can help you improve and learn the scientific methods involved in winemaking. Wine tasters are recruited by wine-producing companies, drink review companies, and restaurants.

A brewmaster is an equivalent of a wine taster who tastes beers instead of wine. However, these professions require you to be open-minded to thrive in them.

6. Dancing

Dancing is another career you can take up if you want to have fun while working. Dancing is not only exciting but can also make you fit and healthy. In addition, dancers can often choose their working hours and do not need many certifications to excel in it.

working ballet dancer

7. Private Island Caretaker

Vacation is fun, right? What if vacation is your job? Being a private island caretaker involves helping super-rich people take care of their island properties. This job includes some physical activities like cleaning, repairing, and gardening. However, you can always end the day by sitting on the porch or beachside, enjoying lovely sights and sipping wine.

8. Stunt Person

If you like acting but are too shy to face the camera, being a stunt person can be your out. This career is vital as many actors and actresses can’t do stunts by themselves. Being a stunt person comes with variety, and you will never get bored. For instance, how do you get bored of somersaulting on a car yesterday, running from the fire today, and doing sword fighting the next day?

However, you need to be well trained before becoming a stunt person. You may also need to get martial arts training.

Work as a stunt person

9. Intelligence Officer

Intelligence officers, also known as spies, help governments and corporate bodies infiltrate places. This is not a safe job, as you can be in danger if your identity is compromised. However, it can be fun as the job requires traveling around the world and assuming another person’s identity. Intelligence officers need to be well-trained before starting their careers.

10. Travel Blogger

If you are an adventurous person, travel blogging is for you. The career can never get boring as you get to wander around the world, explore new places, try new foods, and learn about new cultures.

be an online travel blogger

11. Fashion Consultant

Jobs in fashion and design are also interesting. They involve styles, colors, and different fashion trends, making people work with them happily. Being a fashion consultant involves helping people with their professional, personal, and social image.


Many people focus on only the monetary aspect when getting a job, even if they don’t like it. They end up not meeting the required standard and get stressed. However, the good news is that you do not need to be stressed to make money. As such, this article has hopefully helped you explore some interesting jobs you can do to earn a living.

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